Quilling Card – Grandmother’s Day

The 21st of January, in Poland, is when we celebrate Grandmother’s Day. And who, if not grandparents, can really appreciate handmade gifts? After all, to them we’ll always remain their beloved little grandchildren, no matter the age.

Naturally, I made a card for my Grandmother. A card in quilling technique (oh what a surprise, right? πŸ˜‰ ). I’ve recently written the first part of my quilling guide, covering all of the available tools – if you’d like to get into this type of papercrafts, you can check it out here! Part two of the guide, covering basic shapes and techniques is in the works.

I’m not going to get into details on what’s about to be covered by the guide here, but I’d like to share the process of assembling the card.


I generally don’t plan my creations in advance – or at least not in case of simple floral cards. I usually start with one main element – typically a flower – and then build it up.



As a final touch, I usually add some tiny flowers and/or beads. I often pre-prepare these small extras in advance, in bulk, whenever I’m busy watching something, having my hands free. Such tiny flowers fit in most floral cards I make, so they never go to waste!


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