Small purple flowers - handmade quilled card

Quilling Floral Birthday Card

It’s been a looong time since I last did any type of crafts. After moving out from my family house and starting a new life abroad I’ve been busy trying to figure out the adult life in the rare moments of spare time. Autumn has always seen a downfall of crafting for me – all of the occasions such as Mother’s Day or family members’ birthdays fall between March and July, so I usually do most of my cardmaking in that period. My dad’s birthday comes first, so his birthday card is typically my first quilling craft in the year.

I managed to get plane tickets for my dad’s birthday at an absolute bargain. £17 for a return trip! I’m glad I get to go home and see my family, even if it’s just for 5 days.

Most of my craft supplies are still back at home, so making cards here in London proves a bit of a challenge. I’m surprised with the lack of quilling supplies in art&crafts stores – it’s like this technique doesn’t exist in the UK at all! You can find those things online, so it’s not the end of the world, but it’s still a surprise and inconvenience. Luckily, I brought some of my tools and supplies with me when I was moving, so I didn’t need to frantically look for them online. Now, just the last challenge left: to transport it all the way back to Poland, in one piece!

Green paper flower stems on a beige card

Green stems with some small purple flowers - quilling

Quilling birthday card - violet floral

Small purple flowers - handmade quilled card

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Grandmother's Day quilling card - close up on a red flower
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Close up on a pink and purple quilled paper flower
Quilling card – Mother’s Day
Two handmade floral gift tags and mini paper flowers
Quilled Gift Tags

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