Quilling Cards – Last Months’ Projects

Quilling Cards – Last Months’ Projects

The majority of special occasions in my family fall in the first half of the year. Grandmother’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays of all my family members. I need so many cards! I wasn’t able to post for a while, so I’ve gathered the photos of some of the cards I made in the last few months. Naturally, all of them were done with my favourite technique – quilling.

Grandmother's Day quilling card - close up on a red flower
Grandmother’s Day Quilled Card

The first in line was my dad’s birthday. I always struggle with cards for him – he’s the only male member of my close family and I still haven’t quite figured out how to make my floral cards less feminine. Oh well. I tried to solve this problem by changing the colour scheme in the Father’s Day card, you’ll see it later in the post.

Quilling paper tulips - red, purple and pink

Quilling handmade card - tulips

Next was Mother’s Day. I was really happy with this card – I had an extra while of spare time and was able to play with moulds, so the result was a little bit more 3D.

Pink and purple quilling floral card

Quilling card - Mother's Day - pink and purple flowers

Close up on a pink and purple quilled paper flower

Next was my sister’s 18th birthday. I’ve always wanted to try this quilling technique – creating a letter/number and then adding shapes around it – and the 18th birthday seemed like a good opportunity to go a bit extra. It was fun, but… making the digits alone took about as much time as the rest of the card! If there’s a smarter (and faster) way of making such elements, I’m yet to discover it.

A number quilled card for 18th birthday

A quilled floral birthday card

A floral number quilling card - 18th birthday

Next was my grandma’s birthday. Unfortunately, I was in such a rush that I didn’t even take a photo of the card. 😦

And finally, Father’s Day. I tried to achieve a not-so-feminine look by going for this green-blue colour scheme, with a few little brighter elements. I’m actually quite satisfied with the outcome. It still has flowers, but at least it has a slightly less sugary-sweet vibe. It feels like a right way to go!

A quilled card with green and red flowers

Green and red quilled flowers - papercraft

A quilled card - Father's Day - green theme

The only occasions left this year, excluding Christmas, are my mum’s and mine birthdays – both in the next 2-3 weeks. I’m not making a card for myself, so I have one card left to make, the one for my mum. Then, a break until Christmas crafts! Which I’m actually hoping to start around August. I did that last year and it took a lot of pressure off my shoulders in the final weeks before Christmas.

Small purple flowers - handmade quilled card
Quilling floral birthday card
Two handmade floral gift tags and mini paper flowers
Quilled Gift Tags
A watercolour gecko card on a windowsill next to a flower
Watercolour gecko card

27 thoughts on “Quilling Cards – Last Months’ Projects

  1. The cards are gorgeous! What a wonderful, heartfelt gift to receive! How lucky they are for you to take your talent and time to create such special gifts. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    1. I would generally recommend using thick paper – personally, I buy card bases (coloured paper but with a neat crease manufactured, so you can easily fold them – mine are 220g/m2 and work well). I wouldn’t use thin paper, as it would likely wrinkle under the glue used to stick quilled shapes πŸ™‚

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