Welcome to my corner of the Internet. Come on in, make yourself comfortable.

On the Internet I’m known as Alphe, though it’s not my real name. The name my parents gave me is Patricia. Alphe is a nickname I first used in one video game, over 5 years ago. I then started to use it everywhere else online and got so used to it, it feels just as natural as my real name does! I chose to use the nickname Alphe on this blog since that’s what I generally use online, but in case you were wondering – you now know that it’s not my actual name! 🙂

I’m a 27-year-old girl from Poland. With a university degree in Computer Science, I work as a programmer by day. I was part of a team creating a huge and complex management system for healthcare institutions in Poland for 5 years. Then, in September 2019, I moved to London, where I continue my journey as a Software Engineer in the energy industry, making energy simpler, cheeper and  greener.

After hours, I like to let my creativity out. I love to experiment in the kitchen, I also love to dabble in papercrafts, painting, drawing, modelling and all other kinds of arts&crafts. You’ll see all of the above in my posts on this blog.

I’m also deeply interested in nutrition (I guess it came as part of my love for food), fitness and general physical health. At the same time, I’m strongly convinced that mental health and self-care are just as important as physical fitness. I like to inspire and motivate others to take care of themselves in both of these aspects, so you can expect articles under this category – mainly light-hearted, written from my own experience or research, in simple words.

My other interests – which you won’t see that much of in my posts – include video games (both playing and making them), 3D digital modelling, sports and – last but not least – British language, history and culture. I’m a doting fan of all things British and I’m extremely happy with the fact that I managed to make my  greatest dream – moving to England – come true.

I’d be happy to collaborate with brands or fellow bloggers.

If you’d like to contact me, use this contact form. Alternatively, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and message me there.

If there’s anything more you’d like to know about me or this blog, fire away! I’ll be more than happy to answer. 🙂


Information posted on this blog, especially under health and fitness categories, cannot replace professional advice. I do my best to thoroughly research every topic I write about, but I can’t guarantee that all data provided is 100% correct.

Some of the links on this blog (currently Amazon and Aliexpress ones) may be affiliate links.

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    1. Oh awesome! I feel like Polish cuisine is mainly known for pierogies… and I’m always ashamed to admit that I almost hated them as a child, cause we had them so often!

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