Handmade Cards 2021 – I

Handmade Cards 2021 – I

It’s been a while since I posted photos of my handmade cards, but fear not! I definitely still make them for all family occasions! But just to have a record of them on the blog – for you, and for myself – I thought I would make a recap in two posts. This is the first of them, with cards I made for my dad’s birthday, my grandmother’s birthday and my sister’s birthday.

You’ll see a running theme in this year’s cards. Last autumn my family got a cat, and now everything in the house revolves around His Fluffy Majesty. This also gave me some fresh inspiration for my cards. If we look back, most of my quilled cards were all about flowers in various shapes and colours. I’m glad to have broken that scheme!

For those who don’t know what quilling is – it’s an art of twirling paper strips and forming them into shapes.Β 

First up was my dad’s birthday. I went for a funny cartoon style cat with googly eyes (I’ve had a bag of those for ages and never used them). I also added a present with a bow and some balloons. Pretty happy with the result!

Handmade quilling card - cat with a gift and balloons

Next was a card for my grandma’s birthday (80th!). She’s celebrating next weekend and I can’t be there with her due to the international travel restrictions, but at least my handmade card will be there for her. I chose a more traditional approach this time and made a floral design, with a little butterfly as an extra to spice it up and add more dimension.

Handmade Quilling Card - Flowers With Butterfly

Handmade Quilling Card - Flowers With Butterfly

The final card in this post is the one I made for my sister’s birthday. Cats again, naturally πŸ™‚ The little furry baby is always the main focus of our conversations these days. Simple design, but I’ve recently learnt to appreciate minimalistic art. The background is rich enough with foil, golden spots, so I decided to keep the foreground to the minimum.

Handmade Quilling Card - Cats With Balloons

Next up: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and one birthday card – I just need to finish the last of those.Β 

A watercolour gecko card on a windowsill next to a flower
Watercolour gecko card
Completed pink watercolour poppies card between two flower pots
Pink watercolour poppies
Grandmother's Day quilling card - close up on a red flower
Grandmother’s Day Quilled Card
Finished watercolour card - camera with flowers
Watercolour card – camera with flowers

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