Simple Paper Roses

Simple Paper Roses

After a few food-related posts, I think it’s time for some more papercrafts. And no quilling this time! Today, I’m coming with a super simple craft idea – paper roses. They only use supplies I’m sure you have at home, take close to no time and require no skills. Sounds great, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚ You can make them in any size or colour, with or without stems! Big roses will look nice in a vase, while smaller ones can be used for handmade cards and such. We love such versatility in crafts, don’t we?

Holding paper roses: yellow and pink

For 1 rose you’ll need:

  • 5 square pieces of paper (all in the same size, as big or small as you like)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a skewer (or not, if you want to make small flowers to use for handmade cards and such)

A square piece of white paper

Fold the square in half.

Once folded square of white paper

Fold it again.

Folded square of paper

And again.

Twice folded square of paper

Now cut it into tear shape (the tip of the tear is the middle of the square you began with).

Folded piece of paper cut to petal shape

Unfold it. You now have a flower with 8 marked petals.

The biggest layer of the rose, unfolded

Repeat the same steps for each of the remaining 4 pieces of paper.

Five white flowers for five layers of a paper rose

Cut into one flower, alongside one petal all the way to the middle.

For the other 4 flowers: cut off one petal from the first flower, two from the second, three from the third, and four from the fourth.

Preparing five layers for a paper rose

You should be left with part-flowers with 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 petals.

For each flower, glue the two edge petals together, so they overlap.

Folding the layers into their shapes

Cut off the tip (the middle) of each flower, making a small opening. Don’t cut off much, only a few millimetres. The goal is to have the middle of a smaller flower go through the middle of the one size bigger one. This whole point is optional, you can just glue the flowers together at this stage, but pushing them one through another results in a slightly flatter, nicer final shape.

The smallest layer of a paper rose

Now’s the time to assemble the final rose! Put the flowers one onto another, with the one with the most petals on the outside and the one with the fewest – on the inside. Glue the layers together using a bit of glue in the middle between each pair of layers.

Glueing the layers of the paper rose together

If you want the roses to have stems, so you can arrange them in a vase – run a skewer through the opening in the middle of your flowers and glue them together while on the skewer. It may be a bit tricky to hold everything in place – I managed to place my rose upside down with the skewer inside and left it overnight.

Glueing a stick to a white paper rose

You can make these roses in different sizes depending on what you need them for!

Holding a small yellow paper rose

Two completed paper roses: pink and yellow

Three completed paper roses: white, yellow and pink

Colourful mini paper flowers
Mini paper flowers
A watercolour gecko card on a windowsill next to a flower
Watercolour gecko card
A painted colourful acrylic gecko on a canvas
Gecko acrylic painting
Close up on a pink and purple quilled paper flower
Quilling card – Mother’s Day

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