VR – Christmas gift idea for gamers and tech-fans

Let’s stay in the Christmas spirit, shall we? One of the toughest questions asked in this festive time is: ‘what do you want to get for Christmas’? People generally tend to say that it’s easy to find presents for girls – all you need is to invade a drugstore, buy a bunch of make-up/skin care products and – voila! – you’re done. But what can you buy for a person who’s not so much into this stuff? Well, if the person is a gamer or just a modern technology fan, I have an idea for you. And the great thing is that the same item can be bought in various versions & prices, starting from around 5$!

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Two handmade Christmas gift tags - a red flower and a Christmas tree with a star

DIY Christmas gift name tags

Christmas is coming! If you want to personalise gifts for your beloved ones, DIY wrappings are a thing to do – so today, let’s focus on personalized Christmas gift tags. Also, I think that in the time of ubiquitous rush which takes place in most homes before Christmas, making DIY items is extremely relaxing. Today I’ll focus on Christmas name tags that you can easily make yourself. Let’s get started!

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7 Things That Will Make You Feel Better (Physically And Mentally)

I feel like even the most successful, hard-working person, focused on staying healthy both mentally and physically, will sometimes have a day or a week of not feeling good. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by large amounts of work to do. It’s easy to neglect our bodies and end up suffering from various physical issues. It’s also easy to forget about the importance of self-care, living in these fast-changing, constantly busy times. Here’s a short list of things that will help you construct a solid base for feeling good. A set of small changes to implement – small, but with great potential for sure!

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A pile of white, round, small anise cookies

Simple Crispy Anise Cookies

Anise cookies. I call them cookies, but in fact they’re something between cookies and meringues. Tiny, aromatic pieces of heaven that remind me of my childhood, coming back like an echo every festive season. Are they a thing in your countries? If not, you should definitely give them a go! They’re extremely easy to make and require only a few ingredients, although because they need to be left to dry for a few hours before baking they won’t serve as a good last-minute, emergency snack to go. The preparation is slightly weird, but don’t let it discourage you! Ideal for Christmas, but I make them all year round. Great companions for your afternoon tea.

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