Floral Watercolour Mother’s Day Card

Floral Watercolour Mother’s Day Card

Tuesday the 26th of May was Mother’s Day in Poland. Ever since I discovered the joy of quilling, every card I ever made used that technique. Recently however, I’ve been feeling adventurous with painting and decided to make a card with watercolours. I didn’t go too crazy with the picture, I thought keeping it simple would be the best idea giving my  watercolours experience (or the lack of it, ha!).

Regardless, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I have never spent much time painting, I’ve always considered paints one of the trickiest mediums to work with and greatly respected everyone who mastered it. Nonetheless, I do enjoy working with paints, it turns out – I just need some more practice  for sure.

Starting with a sketch…

A pencil sketch of flowers on a card

…first bits of colour down…

A pencil sketch of flowers with green watercolour leaves

…adding definition…

Simple watercolour and sharpie purple and yellow flowers

…just a few more touches, and done!

Simple floral watercolour card for Mother's Day

A completed watercolour Mother's Day card

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Watercolour floral birthday card

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