Watercolour Card – Camera with Flowers

Watercolour Card – Camera with Flowers

Today’s craft is the last but one card of the season. The only one left to make is a card for my Mum’s birthday. Today however, I’m sharing the card I made for my Dad for Father’s Day, which in Poland is every year on June 23rd. And since my dad loves photography, I thought I’d make a camera-themed watercolour card. With flowers, of course – every card needs some flowers!

I started – can you guess? With a sketch, of course. I drew the overall shape of the camera and marked where the flowers and leaves would go. I decided to start painting with the flowers and do the camera at the end – not how I would go about an acrylic painting, but watercolours are pretty much impossible to paint an opaque object on top of.

Watercolour card - camera with flowers - step 1

Watercolour card - camera with flowers - step 2

Once the flowers were completed, I proceeded to colour the camera.

Watercolour card - camera with flowers - step 3

Last but not least, I added a few details with white acrylic paint – the highlights on the camera lens and flash and on the inside of the flowers as well.

Finished watercolour card - camera with flowers

As promised in my previous craft post, I filmed the whole process. If you’re curious to see how the card was made, or just find painting videos relaxing, here it is:

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