Pusheen Pillow DIY – Throwback Craft

Today, I thought I’d share one of the DIY projects I’m most proud of. Not because the result is outstanding (my first and, for now, last sewing project), but because the result is surprisingly decent, given the difficulties I had. Unfortunately, I don’t have the instructions or templates. At the time of making this pillow, I wanted to film the whole process. Sadly, it turned out the camera I had wasn’t capable of filming in decent quality. Such a shame, looking back – I so wish I had that footage!

I made this pillow for my sister as a birthday present, quite a few years ago (5? 6?). Oh how the time flies! She celebrated her 18th birthday this month!


I have so much respect for everyone able to sew plushies. I made mine with just two pieces, the front and the back, and even that was truly difficult to sew together and stuff in a way that the final result didn’t look like a formless potato (I hope it doesn’t). Designing a real 3D toy surely takes a whole lot more measuring and planning, kudos to all those talented individuals!


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