DIY Wand – Harry Potter Crafts

I don’t know about your countries, but mine is now entering the carnival period. Christmas officially ended a few days ago, and the time before Lent is supposed to host colourful, jolly parties. Our celebrations aren’t as prominent as those you’d see in Brazil though, and the group that has the most fun are… children! I’ve no idea where this concept originated, but almost all kindergartens and primary schools organise fancy dress parties for the little ones in carnival here. The project I’m coming with today would have made me so happy 20 years ago! Here’s how, in a few simple steps, you can make a wand – perfect to go along a wizard costume, looking like it was nicked straight from a Harry Potter filming set!


You’ll need:

  • a wooden chopstick
  • hot glue gun
  • acrylic paints


Heat up the glue gun. Holding the chopstick in your fingers on the thinner side, apply glue around the thicker end and towards the middle. Add more layers near the end of the chopstick and less in the middle. Don’t worry if it looks messy – wands are supposed to be made out of raw wood, they can’t be perfectly smooth!


Once you have a few layers or glue around the handle and you’re happy with the way it looks, let the glue fully set and cool down.


When the glue is fully set and cooled down, paint over the whole wand with acrylic paints.


That’s it! A simple DIY wand done and dusted. ๐Ÿ™‚


21 thoughts on “DIY Wand – Harry Potter Crafts

    1. Oh I love the festivity! We don’t have any of those colourful celebrations on the streets (which I guess is partly due to the weather, carnival period is still rather snowy and cold here).

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