DIY Christmas Cutlery Bands

December for me is usually filled with cooking and baking. Honestly, it feels like I barely leave the kitchen! If it wasn’t for work, I’d likely build a pillow fortress in the kitchen for December, to stay there even for those rare times when I decide to get some sleep. This time, I took a short break from playing with food and decided to work on a little inedible project for the Christmas table – cutlery bands!

The whole design is simple, but beauty lies in simplicity, doesn’t it? You can add more ornaments to it if you like. I had some fake berries prepared, but ended up not using them – the bows were big enough and I felt like adding extra elements would have cluttered the whole image.

For each band you’ll need:

  • 5×15 cm piece of thick, white paper
  • 1 bow
  • a small twig of (spruce/pine/other Christmas tree kind of tree) – I cut the ends from a bigger twig, they all nicely split into three and I liked the way it looked


  • craft glue
  • hot glue gun
Coffee, an important part of every DIY project

Start by folding the piece of paper so that the shorter sides meet and overlap slightly.



Glue the ends together with craft glue, like shown in the photo.



Attach the twig to the paper with hot glue…


…and then, again using the hot glue gun, attach the bow to the twig.


That’s it, festive cutlery bands done and dusted! Ready to be used on the Christmas table. 🙂

I’d recommend making these no earlier than a few days before Christmas – the twigs won’t last long. Mine started losing needles after about a week.


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