Stress relief – colouring books for adults

Stress relief – colouring books for adults

Good afternoon, I hope everyone’s having a great day (even though it’s Monday :D)

I decided to tidy up my desk the other day and found my old colouring books that I’d completely forgotten… and now I’m hooked on colouring again. It’s said to be a great stress relief, which is surprising, cause I’d imagine it should be easy to get frustrated with all those teeny tiny details. I have to admit I never tried to use those books for that purpose (when stressed out I’m not able to do anything, I don’t even think about things like colouring books), but I do like to fill them in my spare time to relax – it’s good to let your brain shut down for a while whilst doing simple, mindless tasks after a long and hectic day.

I’m interested to hear if anyone actually uses this method as stress relief and if so, does it actually work?


Mandala in black liner pen
How to draw a mandala
Colouring page in progress - yellow pug
Stress relief – circle numbers colouring book
Baked feta, olives and bell pepper muffins
Feta, olives and bell pepper muffins
Two completed paper roses: pink and yellow
Simple paper roses

17 thoughts on “Stress relief – colouring books for adults

  1. I just picked up 2 for my Gf and I from a dollar store. It even came with a free download music to listen. We tried it out for the first night last night and it was awesome. It helps elevate the stress because you’re more concerned with trying to match odd colors. Ha! It works for me

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    1. I have to find some relaxing music and do some colouring while listening to it, maybe it doubles the effect 😮 I never thought about that but it seems like a great idea 😀


  2. Your shading is really pretty. I go through phases with art–sometimes I paint, draw, collage, or color. I find that coloring a great distraction. It’s calming and there are so many books out there! I’ve even found a coloring book, “Sit the F*** down and color!”


  3. I love adult colouring books there fun and help me when I’m down they help me a lot cause I like mixing things up a bit so I’d do loads of different colours but in a pattern kind of way like red black red black or all sorts of different colours


  4. I like that adult coloring books were created. I got tired of coloring Winnie the Pooh and Cinderella and making up backgrounds 🙂 There is a phone app I use sometimes, too….colorfy.


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