January in photos

A little throwback to January. Looks like all I did that month was eat and craft ^^’ Hopefully February will bring more diversity, although the weather is still wintery (we got hit by a fresh supply of snow last night…) and doesn’t encourage leaving the warmth and coziness of my house. I do however have one exciting afternoon planned for next week and I can’t wait for it!

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Favourites 2017

So I wanted to write a post on my current makeup favourites but I realized that nothing has changed since my last makeup favourites post, so instead I decided to mention all kinds of things I enjoyed in the past year or so. Let’s get started! Original source shower gels Yep, I know, they’re known and loved by so many people and I joined that … Continue reading Favourites 2017

Make-up favourites

I’ve recently realised that I’ve never really talked about makeup on this blog. Well, today is the day! Like most of girls, I have some make-up favourites that I can’t live without and I’d like to show you that small collection. Rimmel BB Cream / Rimmel Lasting Finish Starting from the base – foundations. I have two favourite items, both from Rimmel: BB Cream and … Continue reading Make-up favourites

7 Things That Will Make You Feel Better (Physically And Mentally)

I feel like even the most successful, hard-working person, focused on staying healthy both mentally and physically, will sometimes have a day or a week of not feeling good. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by large amounts of work to do. It’s easy to neglect our bodies and end up suffering from various physical issues. It’s also easy to forget about the importance of self-care, living in these fast-changing, constantly busy times. Here’s a short list of things that will help you construct a solid base for feeling good. A set of small changes to implement – small, but with great potential for sure!

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