Little makeup&beauty haul

Little makeup&beauty haul

Hello, I hope everyone’s having a nice day 🙂

I popped into a drugstore yesterday and picked a few makeup&beauty items:

Rimmel Wake me up foundation

I usually use Rimmel foundations – mainly Lasting Finish, but this time I decided to pick the Wake me up one. I’ve had it before and it works well for me, especially on warmer days (I’ll keep it for spring, it’ll be perfect then).

Miss Sporty Studio Lash mascara

I’ve been using this mascara pretty much ever since I started using makeup, alternately with Maybelline Lash Sensational. It’s super cheap yet works perfectly fine, a lot better than many of the more pricey mascaras that I’ve tried.

Alterra hand cream

My absolute favourite hand cream ever! Smells great and is made from natural ingredients. Alterra is an own brand of a German chain of drugstores, Rossmann, which also has its stores in a few countries outside Germany – including mine. I’ve seen the brand on Amazon too though, so even if you don’t have Rossmann stores in your country, you should still be able to get this cream if you’d like to.


L’Oréal Casting Creme Gloss 412

I’ve been dying my hair for over 7 years now, always using Casting Créme Gloss by L’Oréal. I don’t always use the same dye, I just stick to cool toned brown shades – this time I picked number 412, Iced Cocoa.

Batiste dry shampoo

One of the products I can’t live without. I use Batiste every morning, so every time I pop into a drugstore I come out with at least one new dry shampoo. This time I picked a scent I haven’t had before so I’m excited to use it 😀

Farmona Green tea normalizing face cream

As I wrote in my New Year’s resolutions post, I promised to take better care of my skin, so I decided to treat myself with a new cream. I don’t really know this brand and I’ve never used this cream before, but I liked the ingredient list and it was on sale, so I decided to give it a go. I used it yesterday in the evening – so far, so good. I like its texture, it’s very thin, almost watery – I know that a lot of you would say it’s a disadvantage, but I really hate thick, heavy creams on my face. This one didn’t feel uncomfortable yet left my skin moisturized, and that’s all I really need.


5 thoughts on “Little makeup&beauty haul

    1. I’ve used it the last 2 times I dyed my hair – it is very dark indeed, almost black, but I wash my hair every day, so the colour washes off quickly and after less than a week turns into deep brown. It probably wouldn’t work too well on those who don’t wash their hair too often 🙂

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