Make-up favourites

Make-up favourites

I’ve recently realised that I’ve never really talked about makeup on this blog. Well, today is the day! Like most of girls, I have some make-up favourites that I can’t live without and I’d like to show you that small collection.

Rimmel BB Cream / Rimmel Lasting Finish


Starting from the base – foundations. I have two favourite items, both from Rimmel: BB Cream and Lasting Finish foundation. My skin used to be problematic, so I mainly used the foundation to get better coverage. Nowadays I usually use the BB cream and only go for heavy coverage in winter or for bigger evening occasions. The main reason why I like those two products is that they have a perfect colour for my skin. It took me ages of trying out different foundations to find one in matching shade. Oh, the beauty of being as pale as a wall.

Maybelline mascaras


Because mascaras usually last only a month or two, I’m not a fan of spending too much on them. Those from Maybelline are both affordable and effective, I just tend to always go for different ones – I have a feeling that regardless of what the packaging says, all mascaras give pretty much the same results.

Bourjois Rose d’Or blusher


I used to be absolutely horrible with blushers. No matter how hard I tried, I’d always end up with patchy face. Until one day, when I was recommended this blusher. It literally changed my make-up life. I feel that its colour is perfect for all types of skin – it’s a rather cold pink shade, yet broken with a sprinkle of warm golden shimmer. Also, it’s not too heavily pigmented, so it’s rather hard to ruin your makeup with it – you’d have to apply very, very much. Properly applied small amount of blusher is something I can’t live without, even in my everyday makeup, which is rather natural – it just brightens the face and makes it look healthy.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder

This was my powder favourite for many, many years. Lasts decently long, has nice coverage and definitely isn’t pricey. I still use it sometimes, although the first place of my makeup favourites has recently been overtaken by…

…rice/bamboo powders


I’ve had them from a few different brands, my favourite one is Paese, but I’m not sure if it’s available internationally. Those powders are transparent, so they’re probably not for you if you expect full coverage from your powders (that’s why it wouldn’t have been good for me back in the days when my skin was a lot more problematic). Also, they might not be right if your skin is dry – rice ans bamboo powders are strongly mattifying (the only powders that actually manage to keep my face matte for more than 2 hours). And the biggest advantage of the rice and bamboo powders I’ve tried: their ingredient list. Short and natural. See the comparison of Rimmel Stay Matte and my Paese rice powder.

Β ingredients.jpg

Isn’t it amazing? The rule that generally applies to most cosmetics and food is that the shorter ingredient list, the better – and don’t you think there’s a slight difference between 5 ingredients and like… 30?

Red/neon lipsticks



Again, something I started using very recently. To be honest, I completely refreshed my make-up habits a few months ago and as a part of the change list I started using stronger lipstick colours in shades I’d never used before. Instead of going for light pink colours, which didn’t seem to suit me well (only took a few years to realise that!), I started using red and neon pink. My most commonly used are (from the left): Manhattan Blogger’s Choice – Meet me at the district (I bought it online, I’ve never seen it in stores though, it seems to only be sold in chosen countries), Essence – On the catwalk andΒ  Rimmel by Kate 107.

The Manhattan one has an amazing colour that I absolutely love – unfortunately, on the downside, its consistency is very dry and if you have bits of dry skin on your lips, this lipstick will make them strongly visible (regular use of lip scrubs & balms is a must). One amazing fact about this lipstick though is that it works like a tint and the colour bites into your lips and stays there for literally the entire day – you can eat and drink as much as you want, it won’t affect the lipstick at all.

Rimmel by Kate lipsticks, on the contrary, have a lovely, creamy consistency. If the colour wasn’t so dark, I would most likely wear it all the time for my everyday makeup.

The Essence lipstick was an accidental discovery – I was in the process of finding the best lipstick colours for me and bought a bunch of rather cheap products in many different shades, this was one of them. I quite like its consistency, it doesn’t turn my lips into Sahara Desert. The colour isn’t too dark for a day makeup, so I can wear it every day. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t last too long and I have to reapply it after every meal – it’s usually not a big problem though.

Do you use any of the above? What are you make-up favourites? Let me know! πŸ™‚

Here’s my usual makeup. Also, mr Eeyore says hi πŸ™‚


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  2. Amazing post, I love the Kate Moss lipstick and the Mabelline mascara as well! I’ve recently started a blog as well so if you guys could check it out that would be great, thank you xx


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