Sacred pamper nights

Sacred pamper nights


Finding an hour or two for myself once a week in the evening is one of the fundamental, sacred things I can’t live without – even in the busiest times I try not to skip that point of my routine. Here are my 3 steps to the perfect time during a pamper night. Let’s get started!

(0. Workout)

Well, I’ll actually start with an optional point that’s not a crucial part of the list – having a workout. I try to exercise every day, even if the most I can do in a day is like 15 minutes. However, before a pamper night, I like to have a proper at-home workout – that way I get physically tired and double enjoy my evening afterwards.

1. Preparing the atmosphere

Before I get in that lovely bath, I like to set a lovely, relaxing atmosphere – light up some candles, silently play calm music and make something to drink:Β  usually herbal tea (my all time favourite is peppermint). Also, it’s good to make sure we won’t be interrupted during the bath. Double check that there are no reminders set on your phone that will soon go off and that there’s nothing in the oven/on the stove that might get burnt. Prepare all of the bath products you want to use in case they’re normally stored outside of your bathroom.

2. Aromatic, bubbly bath

When’s a better time to use the best bath bombs if not during a pamper night? Having a lovely, colourful, aromatic bath with tons of bubbles is one of the best things in the world. Just take that bath bomb you’ve been saving for ages and enjoy your time! Also, it’s a great opportunity to apply nice hair mask and actually keep it on for as long as suggested.

3. Afterbath skin/hair care

When you’re done with the bath, spend those extra minutes and moisturize your body. Before going to sleep, apply a face mask and continue relaxing in bed, reading a nice book or watching your favourite shows. I’m sure that after such an evening you’ll be perfectly relaxed and have the best night’s sleep.

One, Two, Three!

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