Small weekend beauty/makeup haul

Small weekend beauty/makeup haul


Hello everybody! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

I popped into a drugstore yesterday aaaand of course ended up buying a few bits and bobs.

First things first, the essentials: dry shampoo is something I use every single day and I just have to always have a good supply of it. I trust Batiste and never really try out other brands. Currently I’m using a tropical one, my next choice was an oriental scent.


A good old Carmex is something I need to have in every bag, in my desk at work, as well as in many random places at home. It’s the only chapstick that actually seems to work for me and I use it all year long. Also, for the first time ever, I recently actually managed to completely finish up one – usually I lose them before I get to the end. Yet another life achievement unlocked πŸ™‚


Moving to makeup category. I remember having a matte Color Tattoo eyeshadow ages ago. It didn’t work for me – I don’t know if it was the colour or the texture, but I ended up using it maybe a couple of times. However, I decided to give CT another try, this time picking a shimmery, Pink Gold shade. I bought it to use it for my day makeup, so I’m glad that the colour is very light and not heavily pigmented. I had it on for a few hours yesterday (I just needed to test it immediately πŸ˜€ ) and it stayed in place without rolling in the crease. So far so good, I have high hopes for this one. Maybe me and Color Tattoo can be friends after all πŸ™‚



I talked about this Paese bamboo powder in my favourites. I don’t use regular powders anymore, those rice/bamboo ones work wonders for me. Found this one on sale so decided to get it even though I already had an extra one at home.


Onto contouring! After a not entirely successful experience I had in the past, I decided to give it another try. Bought this lovely egg-shaped Hakuro H13 brush (it’s soooo soft) and another bronzing contour powder, this time by KoboΒ  – I’m extremely happy with it, used it today in the morning and it seems like this can be me & contouring reunited. I love the shade which is quite ashy and not too dark or heavily pigmented (I’m pale white, most contour products are way too dark and orange for me). It also seems to blend very nicely. I’ll keep experimenting, but I’m really happy with this purchase so far.



Last but not least: a Bell lip tint. I’ve been obsessed with lip products recently, but unfortunately none of them, even the long-lasting ones, make it to the end of my long day – even after 8 hours at work I usually only have some pathetic remains of the product. And if it wears off nicely and evenly, that’s fine – I can just reapply it. But some of them (especially matte liquid lipsticks) create a hard layer which looks horrible after a few hours and even worse when you try to reapply the product before washing the old remains first.

I’m drifting away. Lip tint. Decided to try it out hoping that it would last those 8 hours at work looking okay. Time will show, but the arm swatch test was promising. Bottom picture shows the tint directly after applying it, the top one was taken after around 2 hours. Looking good! I actually had a bath after taking that photo and the swatch didn’t completely wash off. Impressive! πŸ™‚




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