Pink Watercolour Poppies – Birthday Card

Pink Watercolour Poppies – Birthday Card

The card making season 2020 has come to an end – at least when it comes to cards for family occasions. The last card I needed to make was a birthday card for my mum. I decided to continue with the watercolour adventure for this final project. I’ve been enjoying playing with watercolours and I already have a few ideas for future watercolour crafts – I finally feel like I understand how to work with watercolours a bit more.

This time, before starting a project I watched a few tutorials for working with watercolours. I decided to paint layered flowers in vibrant pink and yellow – abstract poppies, I’d call them. I really like this style, it looks light and fresh. Using layers in watercolour painting requires time and patience, as you need to wait for the previous layer to dry completely before you move to the next one. I started by painting one or two petals of every flower, and then letting them dry before adding the next layer.

Pink watercolour poppies - first layer

This time, Iย  started without a sketch. Slightly out of my comfort zone, but I thought I’d just see where the moment takes me.

After a few layers, the flowers were ready. I’m really pleased with how the overlapping petals create the light and shadow – thisย  isย  where watercolours are different to all the opaque paints that I’m used to. I added some purple in the centre of the flowers and sprayed the whole card with the same colour.

Pink watercolour poppies - finished flowers

Pink watercolour poppies - card in progress - finished flowers

When the flowers were ready, all I had left to do was painting the stems and leaves.

Pink watercolour poppies - card in progress - added some stems

A birthday card with neon pink watercolour poppies

A completed birthday card with neon pink watercolour poppies

And that’s it, the card was ready. I’m definitely satisfied with the final result and I’m excited to learn more about painting with watercolours. ๐Ÿ™‚

Completed pink watercolour poppies card between two flower pots

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