Painted Midnight Wooden Bookmark

Painted Midnight Wooden Bookmark

The project from today’s post is one of those I’d had on my list for ages. I bought some plain wooden bookmarks two or three years ago, with the intention to paint them one day, and never got round to actually doing it. Not until now, that is. I finally decided to fish the bookmark out of my huge box of craft supplies and have a go at painting it with acrylics.

Side note – I’m writing this post while on holiday in sunny Croatia with my family which I haven’t seen for months, which is why I’m not too active on WordPress at the moment. Travelling during a global pandemic is a strange experience, though I feel like being in a small village in Croatia I’m far less likely to contract the virus than I am whilst at home in London. I wouldn’t have planned a holiday for this summer knowing the events from the beginning of this year, but we planned and booked this holiday around October last year, before the  word “coronavirus” hit the media for the  first time.

Back to the main subject of today’s post though.

I originally planned to use a cracking medium (another thing I bought years ago and never used) and do a vibrant, rainbow pattern. The final result wasn’t great though (the cracks were barely visible and just didn’t look great at all), so I decided to paint over the original design and go for a different theme. I’ve recently been enjoying galaxy-cosmic type of designs and thought I’d make something in that style.

Midnight wooden bookmark - all supplies on the table

I started by painting a dark background – blended patches of black, navy blue and purple.

Wooden bookmark painted in dark blue and black

Next, I painted the moon and some stars using white paint. I also dabbed a sponge in white paint and gently tapped the bookmark, creating some clouds.

Wooden bookmark, painted, with clouds, moon and stars

Finally, I used a toothbrush (one of my favourite craft tools) and sprayed some white and yellow paint on top of the painting, to add even more random stars. And that’s it, the bookmark is done!

Midnight wooden bookmark

Finished painted midnight wooden bookmark

Midnight wooden bookmark - in a book

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