Watercolour Birthday Card – Flowers

Watercolour Birthday Card – Flowers

Continuing with the watercolour cards (I’ve not forgotten about quilling, just using this year’s birthday and other occasion season to try something new), I recently made a floral card for my grandma’s birthday.

I started as usually, with a simple pencil sketch of what I was aiming for. I recommend brushing the sketch with an eraser, so that you can still see the guiding lines, but they disappear when painted over – too heavy of a sketch will show through bright watercolours and you won’t be able to remove it. I really like this style of the flowers, I will certainly use it for my future watercolour cards.

Watercolour flower and a sketch of the rest of the card

I got so immersed in the painting that I completely forgot to take further work-in-progress photos. I’m planning to film a timelapse of painting the next card, so that I can focus on painting and not feel disappointed with myself after realising that I don’t have any photos. And besides, I personally enjoy watching timelapses of paintings and crafts, I find it relaxing and also interesting to see how the work evolves.

Finished watercolour floral birthday card

I still consider myself a complete beginner when it comes to painting with watercolours – or any other paints, for that matter. I spent the last few years perfecting my papercrafts, and in the past I did a fair amount of pencil/graphite/charcoal drawing (maybe I should return to that some day, there aren’t any of my pencil works on this blog). I’m in a bit ofΒ  a hurry to complete a few cards in a short time (all of my family have birthdays around the same time, and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are in between). After that, I will finally have time to watch some watercolour painting tutorials. Completely wrong order of things, I know, but at least I’ll watch them with some prior experience, knowing what problems I’ve run into!

A floral watercolour card next to a flower

Watercolour floral birthday card

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