New Year’s Resolutions 2018

New Year’s Resolutions 2018



As I promised in my previous post, I’m going to go through my New Year’s resolutions now. I never used to make any resolutions, but this time I really needed to start working on improving my life and it just happened to be around New Year’s, so I came up with a plan to work on from January 1st. All of my resolutions are very long-term but with my current level of desperation I’m hopeful and truly believe that I can complete them all.

Work out every day

Yes, yes. I know. The most repeated, clichΓ© resolution of all times. But the reasons why I decided to put it on my list aren’t exactly the same as most people have. Instead of aiming for weight loss, which I don’t really need, I want to exercise to strengthen my back – in my previous post I mentioned my health problems from last autumn, which kept me in bed for a very long time. In more detail, I had problems with my back, most likely caused by lack of exercise and fully sedentary lifestyle (being a programmer at work and a gamer in spare time surely doesn’t benefit your health πŸ˜‰ ). So to prevent any further problems in the future I really, reallyΒ need to exercise regularly.

But there’s also another reason why working out is a good resolution for me. It’s the only resolution that requires actual physical effort from me and when I exercise every day without exceptions it helps me immensely stay disciplined and stick to my daily plan overall. After all, if I managed to work out hard for 35 mins (that’s my daily goal), then skipping a resolution that can be done from the comfort of my chair or even bed would be stupid, wouldn’t it?

Plan each day

This is just a small resolution that, along with working out, is supposed to help me stay disciplined and make sure I don’t become lazy and try to skip any goals. Even though all of my resolutions are daily based, some of them – as you’ll see – are rather general and the exact work done on them can vary greatly between days. That’s why planning it in advance is helpful – I try to be realistic and set my agenda so that I’m actually able to do all the tasks planned and at the same time so that I get some good chunk of work done. Takes only 3 minutes a day but really helps a lot. I like to write my plan down on paper, in my calendar. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing things off to do lists πŸ˜€

Improve my English

Okay, now getting to the main points. Currently my life revolves around the dream of moving abroad and all doubts and uncertainties about it. One of them is a question that keeps coming back to me like a boomerang: ‘Do I really know the language enough?’. I’m able to read books or watch films and YouTube videos in English without any problems (even if there’s a word I don’t know the meaning of I usually understand it from the context) and I believe I’m also able to make myself understood when I speak the language myself. But as the perfectionist that I’ve always been, I want more. I’ve had this idea of learning a dictionary by heart for ages and I feel like it’s about time I did that. No, hear me out, I’m not crazy. I hope I’m not. It’s totally doable. I have that little dictionary that I got for Christmas when I was in… first grade? Obviously it doesn’t contain all words used in contemporary English but the description on its cover says it covers about 50 000 words… and I believe it’s enough for the start. Sounds scary, but I know the majority of them, so I’m not going to have to learn 50 thousand new words or expressions, don’t you worry. My goal is to learn new vocabulary from one page each day. Only one page. On average it’s about… 30 words per day? After a week I can say that it’s totally doable – with the good memory I’ve always had, learning 30 words a day shouldn’t be a problem for me, especially that the number doesn’t only include words that are completely new to me but also those that I simply don’t use enough. To make sure I don’t skip any days and to keep myself motivated I wrote a date at the bottom of each page – and it looks like I should be done in the middle of October. Considering that it’s something I’d been planning to do for ages, I’m sure that if I stick to the plan for those 10 months my future self will be unbelievably grateful. I’ll definitely update you on how I’m doing in this matter in a few weeks time. Currently my plan is to each day go through the vocabulary meant for that day and repeat words from the last 3 days. Then on weekends I’m going to revise the whole week and at the end of each month – the whole month. The first week proved successful but I’m fully aware that it’ll most likely get harder with time. Nevertheless, I still believe it’s possible. And even if I don’t manage to memorize everything, I’m sure I’ll still learn a lot.

Read a book each month

There are two reasons for this resolution to be on my list. First of all, I used to be a bookworm and I feel awful spending all my time on a computer and reading no books whatsoever nowadays. One book per month isn’t much, so I should be able to do it with close to no effort – I used to read one book per 2-3 days, so one per month seems like nothing. Secondly, this resolution is closely related to the previous one due to the fact that I’m going to read those books in English. In this case, however, my focus isn’t on the vocabulary. Instead, I’d like to concentrate on how words in books are put together to create that beautiful, vivid, cohesive, poetic style. Without paying too much attention to it though. I simply believe that the more I read the more natural that style will feel and I’ll be encouraged to construct my own sentences using more sophisticated and varied vocabulary instead of always choosing the same set of worn out, popular, overused words.

Work on potentially starting a side business in my spare time

Now here’s the tricky bit. I’m going to write a separate post about this issue, but here’s a brief explanation: if I actually manage to move abroad, having some extra source of income from my personal, freelance work will be incredibly helpful, even if I was to only make 50 quid a month. Money is often considered a taboo, but in actuality it’s something we can’t live without, and, unfortunately, it becomes even more of an issue if you plan on moving to a place with much stronger currency and – sadly – much higher costs of living. I’m currently looking into two fields – creating and selling handmade crafted items and digital 3D models, but I’m open for other opportunities as well. More on this topic in a separate post later this week πŸ™‚

Focus on myself

This one is certainly easier said than done. The main area of life in which I need to improve on being selfish are relationships. I’m still the kind of person who will do everything to make the other person happy while also getting attached to them way too easily. I write fairy tales in my head in the very early stage of a relationship and then cry for weeks when the story doesn’t end with ‘lived happily ever after’. I do it every time and really, it’s about time I stopped. Although fairy tales do sometimes happen in real life, my statistics clearly show that they must be in the minority and if I don’t want to suffer once again I should pinch myself really hard every time I let my imagination go too far when things aren’t fully sorted and functioning. I even wrote a post about why it’s good to be selfish and I should probably finally listen to myself.

(Move to the UK)

Here it is. The main goal that’s supposed to be easier to achieve thanks to all previous ones. Now here’s how I see it: I’d like to move before the first batch of Brexit provisions goes live, which I believe is supposed to happen in March 2019. Or actually, I should probably have my life sorted there by that time, meaning that I need to have a place to live in and a sustainable source of income (so a job in my career field). What I believe should be achievable is moving around September-October, taking two months to deal with all formalities and get used to the new place, potentially doing a simple job part-time until mid December while slowly looking for a job in my field. Then I’d go home for Christmas (I know for sure that me moving abroad will be a tough experience for my family, so going back home for a couple of weeks not too long after moving should make it easier for all of us). And after New Year’s I’d have to either start a new, steady job or focus all my strength and effort on finding one. Sounds easy… but I know it won’t be, haha.

That’s the sketch of the whole process that has formed in my head. Obviously, with something so complex I have to expect unexpected and I’m fully aware of how different reality can be to the most meticulously carved plans and ideas. Either way, I still have a few months left before I need to make any serious decisions, so aside from keeping abreast of jobs and estate rental markets I don’t have much to do in this subject just yet.

Proper skincare & getting more sleep

On a less serious note… or actually, who said skincare isn’t serious? These two came to my mind while I was writing this post and I’m adding them to my resolutions. I’m always tired in the evening and usually end up not even using any cream – I can’t see how bad it is for my skin just yet, but I’m pretty sure my future self will appreciate present me taking proper care of my skin. And about sleep… I usually go to bed late, trying to use as much free time in the evening as possible. But in all honesty, I constantly feel like a zombie and the time I have is never spent efficiently. I’m not expecting miracles and I know that with my lifestyle I can’t get 8 hours of sleep every day, but I’ll be happy if I manage to get even 30 minutes extra every day.

That’s it when it comes to my resolutions for 2018. Ambitious? Maybe. Doable? Absolutely. I’ll make an update on my resolutions at the end of each month to remind myself of the goals I’ve set for this year and – hopefully – to get that extra motivation seeing how successful I’ve been. We’ll see how it goes!

29 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions 2018

  1. Lots of goals and that’s great. Everything you listed is totally doable and all it takes is discipline to make it happen. When things get rough, always remember this resolve you have today.

    Everyday, in a notebook I write poetry in, I write down my main agendas for the day. One of the best feelings as you said is crossing those things off the list. I wonder how many people share that sensation with us? Hmm…

    I feel like this year will be one of the best years of our lives πŸ˜€

    Question: What country are you in now?

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  2. I think your English is pretty awesome! I wish the people in Thailand could speak English like you do haha. Definitely keep reading though, its wonderful to let your imagination wander and to get out of your own world and explore that of the author in which you’re reading. Highly highly recommend Murakami if you haven’t read anything by him yet! And yes, lets be more selfish when it comes to other people, it seems like the happiest people are totally selfish, and its sad that that’s the world we live in, but if you can’t beat them join them.

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    1. I’ll check him out, currently I only have a few books on my list so I’ll definitely need more πŸ™‚ And good to see you here, I was gone for a looong time and it makes me really happy to see people I remember still active here ^^

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  3. These all sound really good, though ambitious. It’s great you’re so disciplined about language-learning: I study French and have done for a long time but haven’t yet taken the plunge to properly read a book in French. Yet.

    (Also, I’m an EU citizen living in the UK (I’ve been here over a decade) and I check this page regularly ( to make sure I’m up-to-date on what my rights are and how I will need to apply for settled status (you may already be familiar with it!). Applications should open for this in autumn this year. The guidance is pretty clear, actually, and it’s been really helpful for me)

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    1. That’s a great site, thanks! I actually didn’t know about it, but luckily it looks like I’d picked all the necessary info from other sources πŸ™‚ It’s great to have it all condensed on one – official – page though. Thanks again!


  4. Definitely with you on the sleep resolution! A few weeks back I began going to bed at 10 every night with intention to wake at 6 and get more done in the day. Now, the going to bed early has become routine though I still struggle with waking so early. But if I can manage it I feel great! Good luck πŸ™‚

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    1. ‘Intention’ to wake up at 6? Sounds like a dream, I get up at 5:30am Monday to Friday ._. It’s been 3 weeks now since I made that resolution and I managed to switch from going to bed at almost midnight to ~10:30pm – it is a routine now, BUUUT… I just can’t fall asleep that early, my night owl nature simply refuses to go to sleep at a normal time 😦 I’ll keep trying, but it’s really annoying that even though I ‘sacrifice’ that extra 1-1.5h every day trying to get sleep which I definitely need, it just won’t work 😦

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      1. I hear ya’! I’m also a night owl by nature, so sleeping early feels like I’m going against something that’s built in. One thing that helps me is doing ‘digital sunsets’, which is turning off all electronic devices when the sun goes down. It gets me to start winding down much earlier. I got the idea from Brian Johnson at I’ve gotton off-track with it lately but when I do it I notice my general sleep/wake improves. I’m sure it will get easier for you, stick with it! πŸ™‚

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        1. It sounds good, but… nowadays, in winter, the sun goes down around the time I leave work, like 6 hours before bedtime ;D I do try to stay away from my phone and computer a while before going to sleep but I surely can’t afford to not use them at all after work ^^

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          1. I’m a programmer&digital artist after hours – my interests and hobbies, as well as self-development in my career field all require using electronic devices…

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