Cat Pencil Sketch

Cat Pencil Sketch

A couple months ago I had that sudden urge to pick up a pencil and draw something. Even though I do a lot of crafts, I actually rarely sketch. A detailed sketch is usually quite time consuming and – having a rather short attention span – I get bored halfway through and drop the drawing unfinished. Nevertheless, I felt the desire to draw, for the first time in a couple of years, and I couldn’t resist. Here’s the process, step by step!

Before we dive into it though, here is my gorgeous model. Meet Rupert, my gorgeous model – a (now) 9-month-old half Bengal, half British Shorthair kitten.

Bengal cat on top of its cat tower

And before anyone thinks I didn’t get bored this time and finished the whole drawing straight away – I didn’t. I started drawing in September and finished in February. Ooof.

Cat pencil sketch - head started

Cat pencil sketch - head finished

A cat sketch - head and neck done

Almost finished…

Cat Pencil Sketch - full cat finished

…and done! Phew.

Cat Pencil Sketch finished

Naturally, I’m not a professional by any means. That being said, I’m pretty satisfied with the result. Not too bad for a lazy artist-wannabe picking up a pencil once every few years, ha! A frame is all ready and the picture is going on a wall. And I’ve satisfied the need for pencil drawing for a long time now. πŸ˜‰

Finished DIY Painted Wooden Box - Cat
DIY Painted Wooden Box – Cat
Mandala in black liner pen
How to draw a mandala
Finished DIY reptile cave
DIY reptile cave
A finished card of a watercolour gecko holding balloons
Watercolour Gecko Birthday card

5 thoughts on “Cat Pencil Sketch

  1. That is gogeous, you have done it perfect. Looks a bit like my cat, got a tabby. 12 year old though. He prefers to sit on his little heated blanket.


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