Scrapbooking Cat Notebook

Scrapbooking Cat Notebook

When it comes to gifting, I always overthink the topic, making sure the presents I give to my nearest and dearest have a personal touch. If someone mentions a thing they desire, I note it down even if their birthday is months away. If I’m out and about, shopping, and see something unique that would make a perfect gift for someone I know, I buy it and store in my little gift stash, ready for the next occasion. And sometimes, I decide to make the presents myself. 

The scrapbooking project I wanted to share today is something I made as a gift. If there are any cat owners reading this, I’m sure you also own a bunch of cat-themed items. It just naturally happens, I’ve seen it many times, even in my family. So when I needed to choose a gift for an enthusiastic cat owner, I decided to hand make this notebook.

The project itself was extremely simple. The most difficult part, actually, was finding a plain notebook to use as a base! The rest was a piece of cake.

First, I sketched a silhouette of a cartoon cat on a white piece of paper. Then, I copied the individual shapes on to coloured cardboard and cut them out. Finally, I glued all the parts together. Voilà!

Scrapbooking Cat Notebook cut out cat
Scrapbooking Cat Notebook

I tried to make the cat resemble the real cat that the gift’s recipient owns. Grey with black stripes. Nothing over the top, simplicity is key!

Scrapbooking Cat Notebook glued on
Scrapbooking Cat Notebook

The final touch may not be obvious, if you’ve never owned a cat. Creamy snacks are a favourite of any cat I’ve known! The small tubes of creamy chicken or fish paste make any cat excited. Even our family cat – usually a picky, fussy eater – has never turned down a creamy snack. Yum?

Scrapbooking Cat Notebook with Sheba
Scrapbooking Cat Notebook

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this quick little project, and the DIY gift was appreciated by the recipient. Win win!

Cat Pencil Sketch - full cat finished
Cat Pencil Sketch
Finished DIY Painted Wooden Box - Cat
DIY Painted Wooden Box – Cat
Scrapbooking Quilling Birthday Card
Scrapbooking Quilling Birthday Card
Completed three watercolour bookmarks
Watercolour bookmarks

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