London Parks – Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill

London Parks – Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill

Continuing with the London Parks series, after Ruskin Park, West Ham Park and St James’s Park, I’m taking you to Regent’s Park and the nearby Primrose Hill. Located in central-north London, it’s one of the eight Royal Parks in London. It’s named after Prince Regent, who later become king George IV. It’s home to diverse flora and fauna, as well as the London Zoo.

I’m yet to visit the Zoo (I was waiting for spring/summer weather, but coronavirus happened first), but I have visited the Park on a few occasions. You can clearly see the royalty in this park. Majestic, carved stone features are one of its main characteristics.

Lions with wings holding a palm in Regent's Park in London

A stone fountain in Regent's Park

This Park would easily pass for a garden surrounding a palace, though there’s no palace in sight.

A big fountain in Regent's Park, London

Flowers in a carved stone pot in Regent's Park in London

An altar statue in Regent's Park, London

Like all London Parks, it’s full of colourful flowers in spectacular arrangements. Elephant made of plants? Look no more, you’ll find it in Regent’s Park.

Colourful flowers in Regent's Park in London

An elephant formed from plants in Regent's Park, London

There’s also wildlife in Regent’s Park. Ducks, geese, swans and squirrels, to name a few. By the way, if you walk to Regent’s Park from Baker Street, I highly recommend trying Baskin Robbins ice cream!

Pond, geese and ice cream in Regent's Park, London

A squirrel and pigeons in Regent's Park

Something I didn’t realise before moving to London is how many canals there are. You can find them in places where you’d least expect them, and there are usually plenty of long, narrow boats parked on the side. The one below is on the way from Regent’s Park to Primrose Hill.

A canal near Regent's Park in London

The nearby Primrose Hill is one of the best spots for photographing London skyline. A more skilled photographer with a camera better than a battered smartphone would take some spectacular pictures there, but even in mine you can see some of the most iconic London structures, if you know where to look: London Eye, the Shard or St Paul’s Cathedral.

Panoramic view from

The residential area near the hill is something you may have seen amongst photos of the most iconic places in London. Many houses in this area are painted in pastel colours and look just stunning. Apparently, it’s popular among actors and celebrities, which is no surprise at all. Stunning, posh location in central London – who wouldn’t want to live there? Unfortunately, few can afford that luxury, as houses in Primrose Hill area sell for around Β£10,000,000. Yikes!

Pastel coloured houses in Primrose Hill, London

Pink and blue houses in Primrose Hill, London

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