Star Signs – Pisces

Star Signs – Pisces

This year, I decided to take a look at astrology – an interesting, though controversial subject – and each month examine one star sign and the personality features it allegedly entails. Last month we had a look at Aquarians and – to my surprise – the overwhelming majority of you claimed that the star sign, even if not the most important factor in determining one’s personality, played an important role and often influenced our choices. The characteristics of Aquarian personality seemed to match Aquarian representatives fairly well. I’m curious to see if the trend continues. Today, Pisces take over and they’ll reign until the 20th of March.

General information

Pisces are considered friendly and outgoing – they can be real souls of the party. Representatives of this water sign are, similarly to Aquarians, humanitarians with great empathy. They’re also selfless, always willing to help others in need.

The word best fitting a Pisces is “understanding”. They like visual media and music, swimming, time to sleep and – despite generally feeling great surrounded with different people – their occasional time alone.

What Pisces dislike is cruelty, being criticised and know-it-alls.

Their weak sides involve moodiness, laziness and lack of focus.

Career and money

Pisces are intuitive and often dreamy. This set of qualities works best in creative jobs. They make great musicians, social workers, game designers or architects, but also – thanks to their compassionate nature – veterinarians and attorneys. Many Pisces will find fulfilment as social workers.

They aren’t money-driven, and mainly focus on achieving their dreams and goals for pure personal satisfaction rather than financial aspects. They do, however, like to make sure that they have enough money to be able to achieve those dreams.


Pisces are naturally sensitive, generous and caring. They make great partners – always understanding, they’ll stay loyal to their loved ones. They love romance, but show no interest in short affairs – a Pisces feels best in a stable, long-term relationship. Their devotion and compassion makes them perfect friends.

What’s your opinion on star signs? Do you believe there’s something behind them or do you treat them as made-up theories backed with no evidence?

If you’re a representative of Pisces sign or know someone whose birthday falls between the 19th of February and the 20th of March (the dates may differ between years, usually by +/- 1 day) – how close (or far) from reality were the characteristics listed in this article?

Aquarius star sign logo
Star sign – Aquarius

13 thoughts on “Star Signs – Pisces

  1. I am a Cancer meaning I thrive with family and being in the kitchen. I am also very loyal ro those that I love and to my friends.


  2. I’d have to say there is something about the star signs because the Aquarius descriptions really do tend to describe me well and so many people find that their sign matches their personality – there has to be something to it – if not, its still fun!


  3. I am a Pisces. I studied Astrology for a year or so in my early thirties but then went on to study Natural Medicines, my career for 20 years. I am though incredibly focused due to my moon being in Virgo.


  4. I was curious about astrology a few years ago when I was studying about personality types and temperaments in my psychology class. I feel skeptical at times when studying about sun signs alone. It’s only when I studied about the complexity of each individual’s natal chart that I became more intrigued. Exploring moon signs, ascendant signs, etc. became an interesting mix to consider. The differences between vedic astrology and western astrology fascinated me as well. Exploring what people are like in public vs private, communication styles, how you love, how you take action, etc.

    Although I think it’s fun to explore, I think it’s more pseudoscience. I think it’s real dangerous when a hospital in Argentina is using patient’s astrological chart to treat mental health conditions for instance. I just think one’s environment plays a part in these issues.

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  5. I am a Pisces and I am a nurse, so I’d say spot on for me. My husband’s birthday is March 12 and mine is the 13th. We are perfect for each other because we know each other πŸ˜‚


  6. I am a Capricorn born on the cusp of Sagittarius. I’ve always been fascinated with star signs.


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