Rose Gold Kitchen Accessories

I love my kitchen more than any other place, really. I like to have it well-equipped, but I also like to have it pretty. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with rose gold homeware (and judging from the amount of rose gold items in homeware stores, I’m not the only one). I recently went through online stores in search for the prettiest rose gold kitchen I could find. Here are my top picks!



Is there anything more practical and useful than a set of cutlery? An absolute essential, one of the first things any new kitchen is equipped with. I have a firm belief that food eaten from beautiful plates and with pretty cutlery tastes better – after all, food should be both a feast for the stomach and a feast for the eyes, don’t you think?

Measuring set


I mentioned measuring set in my kitchen essentials post. If you bake and cook a lot, having a set of measuring spoons and cups is a must. Pretty colour doesn’t add anything to the set’s practicality, but it certainly makes working in the kitchen even more fun and appealing!



Solid containers are every kitchen’s essential. Much more practical than paper bags that lose their contents even before you leave the supermarket. And if you’re short on storage space, closed containers in pretty, visually attractive versions can serve as interior decor, displayed on the counter.

Paper towels holder


Paper towels are also often kept on display. Not for decor purposes though, but for the practical aspect – after all, when you do need to use paper towels, you likely need to use them asap. Having a pretty, rose gold holder certainly won’t do any harm, and may even bring a little bit of classy look!



These will definitely look amazing on the table, holding the tastiest, home-made food. And the best part – they can be stacked, so they don’t take up much storage space at all (which is often one of the biggest struggles in the kitchen)!

Utensil holder


Isn’t this beautiful? Utensil holders are extremely practical and, in my eyes, they’re a must. There’s only so much you can store in the utensil drawer and frankly, the drawer is never enough. One or two cups with excess… I mean, extremely useful and necessary… utensils can save the day!



My goodness – aren’t they stunning? These mugs must be one of the most beautiful homeware items I’ve seen in recent weeks. Just imagine summertime, sun rays tickling your skin, and yourself basking in them, with a mug full of ice cold, refreshing cocktail in such an amazing mug. Perfect!

Dish drainer


Another practical item on the list. If you happen to have a dish drainer on display, why not choose a pretty-looking one?

Pepper mill and salt shaker


Pepper mill and salt shaker are among the items you likely keep on display – even on the table during a party you’re hosting! There are plenty of unique, cool-looking shakers in stores. This pair, with rose gold detailing, looks classy and will make a great addition to table decor.

Wall grid panel

I love this idea! If you’re in need of extra storage space in the kitchen but happen to have some room on one of the walls, this panel seems like a great choice. You can hang utensils on it, it can keep shopping lists or recipes, and the little shelf should have enough space to hold a few mugs. Extremely practical idea for small kitchens!

15 thoughts on “Rose Gold Kitchen Accessories

  1. That’s some sweet cutlery Alphe. I recently replaced my knives, forks and spoons with black stainless. Looks nice. I replaced the knife set used to cut meat, veggies and such too. It’s worth the money for quality, sharp cutlery.

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  2. The Rose Gold is beautiful! I’m going to have to send a link to this to my girl friend – she was just talking about wanting to make a change and get new kitchen accessories and she’d love this (I wish just once in my life I could just afford to do that lol )


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