15 Gifts for Him – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 1

15 Gifts for Him – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 1

Christmas season is officially on now, and that means many of us are on the mission to find the best Christmas gifts for all our nearest and dearest. In case you’re lacking inspiration, fear no more! I’ve got you covered. I’ve compiled a long list of Christmas Gift ideas and I want to share it with you. I’ve named this list Christmas Gifts for Him but honestly, I’d be happy with a lot of these myself. πŸ™‚ Christmas Gifts for Her, Christmas Gifts for Parents or Grandparents, Stocking Fillers, Gag Gifts… these are all coming soon!

1. Smart band / Fitness tracker

These are great for fitness enthusiasts and everyone who likes to stay connected even when they can’t be using their phone (most bands display notifications from your phone). What’s great about this gift idea is that you can find them on all price levels – and even the most budget friendly ones are a great novelty gadget and will allow you to track how active you are throughout the day, how your heart rate changes or how good your night sleep is – and it’s fascinating to see how these things change!

Check out Fitbit on Amazon

2. VR

The first few items on the list are tech gadgets; number two being a VR set. Just like smart bands, they come in all different prices, starting under $10! And, if you ask me, $10 for at-home 3D experience isn’t much. There’s a whole variety of (free) VR-friendly videos, apps and games online, so this gadget can provide quite a few hours of fun.

Check out a simple kit on Amazon

3. USB hub

Staying in tech category, we have USB hubs. They can be a nice, practical little gift for those who spend hours in front of a computer. And to make it a bit less boring, you can find USB hubs in snazzy shapes, so just pick one that best matches the personality and interests of who you’re gifting it to!

Check out this classic USB hub on Amazon
Check out this funny robot USB hub on Amazon

4. Portable charger

The last practical tech gadget on this list is a portable charger, also known as a powerbank. We live in times when flashing battery icon on our smartphones is one of our greatest fears, so having a powerbank at hand can save us from a catastrophe. Pick one in a small size but with great capacity for the best results!

Check out this classic powerbank on Amazon

5. Venus flytrap

If you believe he could use some fresh green colours in their surroundings but no regular plant stands a chance to grab his attention enough to make it till February, try with one of these! Even a plant can be a manly gift, as long as they’re carnivore.

Check out this venus flytrap on Amazon

A collage of Christmas gift ideas for him - part 2

6. Swiss Army knife

A high quality swiss army knife is one of those gadgets every guy should have. You never know when things like that can come in handy, so it’s best to get prepared in advance! They can keep this portable set of tools in the car, and when the time of ‘I wish I had … with me’ comes, they’ll be ready for it!

Check out this 14 in 1 Pocket Knife on Amazon

7. Multitool survival card

Swiss knives are great to have, but sometimes all they have on them is a wallet. And this multitool card is small enough to fit inside! Being the size of a credit card, it’s easy to always have it in your pocket. And you never know when you’re going to need one of its 18 tools!

Check out this wallet ninja card on Amazon

8. Wallet

Got the multitool card to put in the wallet, but the wallet itself is long overdue an upgrade? A high quality wallet is every man’s must-have. After all, they don’t always have a bag or a backpack with them – many times all they have is a wallet.

Check out this classic black leather wallet on Amazon

9. Beard kit

We, girls, are often presented with beauty or makeup products. Men can have their beauty gifts too! If you’re searching for a present for a proud owner of a luscious beard, consider surprising them with one of the beard kits!

Check out this beard kit on Amazon

10. Pen

Looking for a more serious gift? A businessman – as well as anyone dealing with loads of paperwork, actually – should appreciate a good quality pen. Consider getting their initials engraved on it for a more personalized present.

Check out this pen with engraving on Amazon

11. Document case

Speaking of businessmen, they are likely to always carry around multiple credit cards, business cards, store and cafΓ© loyalty cards… it’s easy to get overwhelmed by these! And that’s when document cases come in handy – a nice, elegant little gift idea.

Check out this credit card holder on Amazon

12. Mini portable game console

We’ve been serious for a short while, time for another rather light-hearted gift idea. These small portable consoles come with hundreds of retro mini games already built-in. They may not replace Xbox or PlayStation kind of entertainment, but sometimes all we need is to shoot at some Spaceships. Also, you won’t take an Xbox with you to kill some time in the dentist’s waiting room. A small console is perfectly fit for that job though!

Check out this handheld mini game console on Amazon
…or this one

13. Remote control toy

They may be too embarrassed to say it out loud, but most guys still have that childhood dream. Remote control cars, planes, helicopters or, popular nowadays, drones can bring long hours of entertainment even to a grown-up man.

Check out this drone on Amazon
Check out this remote control helicopter on Amazon
Check out this remote control car on Amazon

14. Leather gloves

Getting practical again! If you live in a cold climate, there’s a good chance that winter will continue for a long time after Christmas is gone. Warm gloves are everyone’s must-have!

Check out these black leather gloves on Amazon

15. Calendar / Pocket diary

With a new year starting, most of us make resolutions and set ourselves some goals. And once you come up with a plan, it’s easier to stay on top of it if you write everything down in a calendar.

Check out this pocket calendar on Amazon
Check out this book calendar on Amazon

A collage of Christmas gift ideas for him - part 1

I hope this list helps! Keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas gift inspirations, coming in the next days. πŸ™‚

Above Amazon links are affiliate links, which means that if you make an Amazon purchase after clicking on some of the links, Amazon will share a small part of the transaction with me, for no additional cost for you. The primary goal of this post is to share my ideas and help those who are lacking inspiration, not to earn money – being realistic, I don’t even assume I will. ;D
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