Christmas Home Decor DIY – Wreaths and Garlands

Christmas Home Decor DIY – Wreaths and Garlands

Ho, ho, ho! Happy December! And December means Christmas season for everyone – not just enthusiasts like me, who have been listening to Christmas songs since December. Today I’m bringing you some inspiration for Christmas decor DIY – a wreath and a garland I made. Nothing complex or complicated, but the result is super cute and will definitely make your surroundings a lot more festive. And the fun of making them is priceless!

For the wreath, all you need is a plain wreath (obviously πŸ˜‰ – you should be able to get those in craft stores and supermarkets – I bought mine in a local supermarket for about Β£1) and some baubles, acorns, lights, bows, ribbons… any Christmassy decorations you like. To assemble the wreath I’d recommend using a hot glue gun. You can also use sewing thread (which is what I did) and tie every piece, wrapping the thread around the wreath – it can be a little bit more difficult though, the decorations might move around and end up not being where you want them to be – patience is definitely required if you choose this method.

Plain Christmas wreath, silver and gold baubles

For the final touch, I decided to take a small set of lights (which I couldn’t find a use for since last year – they were a bit of an impulse buy) and wrapped them around the wreath. πŸ™‚

For the garland, all I used was long, green tinsel (not the shiny, glossy type but one made out of the same kind of plastic as Christmas trees), a set of lights and silver tinsel with tiny stars attached to it. Wrapped everything together… and that’s the Christmas garland, done and dusted.

Finished DIY Christmas wreath with lit up lights

Finished garland on top of furniture with yellow lights

Finished garland with silver stars and yellow lights

Making things like these gets me even further into festive mood (not that I need that though πŸ˜€ ). Do you like to make your own Christmas decorations? Share your ideas, I’d love to get inspired! I’m currently planning the Christmas table decor, so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

DIY Christmas cutlery bands on the table, next to a plate
DIY Christmas cutlery bands
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Quilled Christmas Gift Tags
A whole batch of completed gingerbread Christmas trees with icing as snow
Gingerbread Christmas trees
A batch of cookies with slices of tangerine
Tangerine coconut cookies

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