15 Gifts for Her – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 2

15 Gifts for Her – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 2

This is the second part of my ultimate Christmas Gift Guide – I’ve previously posted a list of 15 gift ideas for him – click here to check it out!

1. Eyeshadow palette

If you’re looking for a more luxurious present, consider buying a high-end makeup product. Eyeshadow palettes are among the best choices in this category – they can be used to create numerous different looks and, most importantly, they last forever! My 3 picks would be:

Urban Decay – Naked3, nude colours

HudaBeauty – Obsessions, beautiful purples

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance, nude to berry shades

2. A set of makeup brushes

Staying in the makeup category, we have makeup accessories – brushes and beauty blenders. It’s a fairly safe gift pick for any girl who likes to wear makeup – there’s never enough of good quality brushes!

3. Makeup bag

Last in the makeup category: a makeup bag. A practical gift, and you can fill it with other goodies. There are so many beautiful or cute designs out there, you have a lot to choose from!

Check out these cute bags on Amazon

4. Pamper kit

Moving on to beauty category. If you want to put a little bit more thought and effort into your present, consider assembling a pamper kit. This can include a face mask, a small face towel, a bath bomb, a shower gel (this Berry Bon Bon Christmas range by the Body Shop smells divine!), and maybe a box of chocolates to snack on during the process of pampering? πŸ˜‰

5. Jewelry

Right after makeup and beauty, the most typical “girly” gift would be jewelry. You could go for more luxurious, elegant pieces, but why not go light-hearted and stay in the wintery-christmassy theme? These cute snowflake earrings will be appropriate to wear for quite a few weeks after Christmas – there’s a lot of winter left!

A collage of Christmas gift ideas for her - part 3

6. Succulents

These cute tiny little plants fit in pretty much any interior design style. They’re also fairly difficult to kill, so they should be a good choice even for the worst gardener. πŸ˜€

7. Lightbox

Staying in the topic of house decor, lightboxes have been among the most popular items for quite a few years now. They can brighten up any room and can send a different message every day.

8. Coin purse

How about something cute yet practical? This cat-shaped coin purse is perfectly adorable!

9. Warm scarf

With a fair bit of winter left ahead of us, a warm scarf is a necessity. A beautiful, chunky, fuzzy scarf can definitely make a good gift.

10. Fuzzy blanket

If not a scarf, then maybe a warm faux fur blanket for those cosy winter evenings at home?

A collage of Christmas gifts ideas for her - part 2

11. Stationery

Most girls love stationery. Cute little notebooks, diaries or pensΒ will surely be appreciated!

12. Portable charger

I featured this item on my list of gifts for him, but honestly, this seems like something anyone – and everyone – might need.

Check out this classic powerbank on Amazon

13. Framed print

Home decor can generally be a risky choice when it comes to presents, but it can also be a perfect one! If you believe you know the tastes of the person you’re gifting to inside out, a unique framed print to hang on the wall can be a great idea.

14. Tote bag with custom print

This is an idea I’m going to test on my sister this year. Tote bags are generally extremely useful – and we love practical gifts! Especially when they have a logo of your favourite band printed on them. πŸ™‚

15. Craft kit

If the girl you’re buying for is a crafty type, consider this candlemaking craft kitΒ or this bath bomb making kit. We love candles and bath bombs, but it’s even more fun when you make them yourself!

A collage of Christmas gift ideas for her - part 1

Some of the above links – Amazon ones – are affiliate links, which means that if you make an Amazon purchase after clicking on some of the links, Amazon will share a small part of the transaction with me, for no additional cost for you. The primary goal of this post is to share my ideas and help those who are lacking inspiration, not to earn money – being realistic, I don’t even assume I will. I’m slowly running out of storage space included in free wordpress package so why not give this a try though. ;D
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