15 Stocking Fillers – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 4

15 Stocking Fillers – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 4

Welcome to another part of my ultimate Christmas Gift Guide! I’ve previously posted a list of 15 gift ideas for him, a list of 15 gift ideas for her and a list of 15 gift ideas for parents and grandparents – make sure to check them out! And now, let’s explore the list of ideas for stocking fillers. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Headphones

Something we all use, something that likes to frequently break down or magically vanish into thin air. Always good to stock up in advance! These ones should do the job.

2. Seasonal sweets

Chocolate is something you’ll find in most people’s stockings. But if it’s something you plan to buy, try to avoid popular, widely available snacks (unless you know they really like them). Christmas season usually comes with thousands of interesting, seasonal sweets – try to pick one of these! They don’t necessarily have to be Christmassy, but try to find something original. For example, for my sister (who loves corn in all shapes and forms, as opposed to all other vegetables), I found chocolate with bits of fried corn. For my dad, I found dates dusted in chili. None of these are overly original, but at least they’re not completely boring. Or at least I hope they’re not. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Hand sanitizer

An extremely helpful little product, perfect especially for those who like to spend their time outdoors. You can find them in a lot of lovely scents – especially now, around Christmas, with all those seasonal ranges in stores.ย Bath and Body Works have some in delightful scents.

4. Hand cream

Something that’s always great to have, especially in winter, when our skin dries out quicker due to the cold. It doesn’t have to be expensive to do the job, stocking filler price level will is good enough!

5. Chapstick

If there’s any skin care product even more useful in winter than hand cremes, it has to be a chapstick. An absolute must-have for winter, if you ask me. You can find tinted ones aimed at girls, neutral scented, transparent ones for guys, or even novelty ones flavoured like popular drinks like Pepsi or Mountain Dew.

6. Hot chocolate on a stick

Hot chocolate is certainly one of the most popular comfort drinks for winter. And they definitely taste best when it’s actual chocolate, not some powder to dissolve in boiling water. I’ve seen these chocolates in so, so many different flavours, there’s a lot to choose from – you’ll find something for everyone. They seem to appear in most supermarkets around Christmas time, so it shouldn’t be hard to get hold of them. Check out these – a 6-pack of different flavours. ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Craft beer

If you’re buying for an adult, consider getting them some fancy craft beer. As opposed to many other high quality alcohols, craft beers – although more expensive than their mass-produced supermarket equivalents – still usually fall in the stocking filler price level.

8. Reed diffuser

These are a nice alternative for scented candles, in case you find candles too mainstream or don’t want to buy them for any other reason. The scent lasts a few weeks and there’s no effort required (with candles, you have to light them up and – most importantly –ย  remember to put them out). And they look quite fancy and elegant too. Check out this one!.

9. Instant reusable hand warmers

These padsย can be a lifechanging discovery for those who spend loads of times outdoors – perhaps commuting by public transportation, often having to wait in the cold for a vehicle that’s late? These heat pads come in fancy shapes and can be reused indefinitely. And they only cost a few dollars!

A collage of stocking filler ideas - part 2

10. Keychain

No need to explain the idea, almost everyone uses key chains for something. Girls might like these fluffy pom-pom ones, while guys might enjoy these Star Wars figurines.

11. Stress relief toy

In case you’d like something funny, how about this Santa squishy?

12. Mug

I feel like Christmas is the best time for mug shopping. The abundance of cute, beautifully decorated, gilded mugs is just incredible! And if that kind doesn’t seem appropriate, there are also some with funny comic strips and cartoons. The possibilities are endless. You can definitely find a matching Christmas mug for any personality type, no matter who you’re buying for. How about this Christmassy mug?

13. Travel mug

In the era when using disposable cups is often shaded (rightly so!), it’s become a trend to carry your own mugs and bottles with you. A lot of cafรฉ chains offer discounts if you come with your own cup too! So if you know someone who likes their takeaway coffee but doesn’t yet own a mug like this – consider it as a gift option.

14. Water bottle (with a filter)

Another popular beverage container are water bottles – not only for those who like to work out, but for anyone who wants to make sure they stay hydrated (they come with a scale, so you can make sure you drink enough throughout the day). A more expensive variation of water bottles are those that come with a filter in the cap. Perfect for those who want to stay hydrated but don’t necessarily trust tap water as it is (check out these).

15. Selfie light

If you’re buying for an Instagram junkie, they might appreciate this little gadget. They may be inconspicuous, but the light they provide is bright enough to make a night selfie possible – and looking good!

A collage of stocking filler ideas - part 1

Some of the above links – Amazon ones – are affiliate links, which means that if you make an Amazon purchase after clicking on some of the links, Amazon will share a small part of the transaction with me, for no additional cost for you. The primary goal of this post is to share my ideas and help those who are lacking inspiration, not to earn money – being realistic, I don’t even assume I will. I’m slowly running out of storage space included in free WordPress package so why not give this a try though. ;D
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10 thoughts on “15 Stocking Fillers – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 4

  1. A stocking full of craft beerโ€ฆ.Sounds awesome.
    Actually, one of my students told me that in Europe they sell Nativity calendars full of beer. That sounds pretty awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, do they?! I happen to live in Europe but never saw any, I must try to find some next year, my dad would definitely love an advent calendar full of beer ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Advent calendar. Thank you for understanding me even though I made a blunder. A quick Google says this is definitely more common than I thought. I hope you do get one for your Dad.

        Liked by 1 person

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