15 Gifts for Parents / Grandparents – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3

15 Gifts for Parents / Grandparents – Christmas Gift Guide – Part 3

Welcome to the 3rd part of my ultimate Christmas Gift Guide – I’ve previously posted a list of 15 gift ideas for him and a list of 15 gift ideas for her – be sure to check them out! And now, without further ado, let’s jump straight into today’s list. πŸ™‚

1. Beverage chilling stones

These make an awesome – and unique – gift for an adult man who likes an occasional drink. The concept is simple, you keep the stones in the freezer and use as ice cubes. They won’t melt, they won’t dilute the drink, but they will maintain low temperature for a long time. And they’re reusable! Just wash them and pop them back in the freezer.

2. Alcohol

The same grown man will probably also appreciate good quality alcohol – consider buying a bottle of whiskey or gin.

3. Glasses

Last, but not least, of the trio is a set of glasses suitable for the kind of alcohol your (grand)parents like the most. Wine glasses? Whiskey glasses? Beer glasses? They make a great addition to any home bar.

A collage of Christmas gift ideas for parents - part 3

4. Scented candle

Can there be anything cosier than a winter evening in a dim, flickering light of a candle? Yes, there can, actually – the same setup, but with a candle with the most divine scent. I’m a loyal fan of Yankee Candles, but I know Bath & Body Works make great ones too!

5. Aromatherapy set

If not a candle, then maybe an aromatherapy set?

6. Air humidifier

Air humidifiers are not only practical, bringing multiple health benefits, but can come in snazzy shapes and forms too! Aside from improving air quality in the house, they can also improve home decor. And they can be combined with a set of essential oils from the previous point. πŸ™‚

7.Pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers

And once the candle is lit and the essential oils are heating up, sending those lovely, calming scents up in the air, the cosiest thing to do is to jump in your pyjamas, wrap yourself with a fuzzy dressing gown and put those warm winter slippers on.

8. Nature documentaries

Last year for Christmas I gave my parents a full set of Planet Earth II on Blu-Ray – and they loved it! They then passed it to my granny and she loved them too. πŸ™‚ If you feel like this is something your parents or grandparents would enjoy, consider it as a gift option.

A collage of Christmas gift ideas for parents - part 2

9. Amazon Echo/Google Home

If you’re looking for a gift on a more pricey level and your parents happen to enjoy modern technology, consider surprising them with one of the popular home assistants – Amazon Echo or Google Home. This is something I know my dad would love. Unfortunately, Echo isn’t available in my country yet. Once it is, it will definitely grab #1 spot on my next gift list.

Amazon Echo

Google Home

10. A selection of honey or jams

If you can get hold of some good quality honeys or jams – not like ones from the supermarket, but actual high quality, all natural products straight from the producers, making a little packet with a selection of different types of flavours can make a good gift.

11. Tea or coffee

Same as with jams and honey – if you can find good quality loose tea or coffee blends, perhaps enhanced with some extras, like flower petals or spices, they will definitely be appreciated and will brighten up more than one gloomy afternoon.

12. Good quality hand creme

With a few winter months still ahead of us, a good hand creme is a must-have. A little practical idea, and you’ll find it on literally any price level that you’re at.

13. Pillow mist

This is something I bought for my parents this year and I can’t wait to hear their feedback. I bought this lavender & cedarwood pillow mist by Bath and Body Works – it sure smells amazing, I just hope it does also improve sleep at least a little bit.

14. Framed photographs / album

If you’d like to put a bit more time and effort into your gift, consider buying a multi-photograph frame (and filling it with family photos!) or even better, assemble a whole family photo album. In the era of digital photography we rarely actually look back at our photos saved on one of the endless hard drives. Printed photographs can bring back a lot of happy memories and I’m sure you’ll see a smile on your parents’ faces.

15. Bonsai tree

These miniature trees look absolutely amazing and will definitely add an interesting detail to any room. Isn’t it fancy, growing a tree in a pot, inside your house? πŸ™‚

A collage of Christmas gift ideas for parents - part 1

Some of the above links – Amazon ones – are affiliate links, which means that if you make an Amazon purchase after clicking on some of the links, Amazon will share a small part of the transaction with me, for no additional cost for you. The primary goal of this post is to share my ideas and help those who are lacking inspiration, not to earn money – being realistic, I don’t even assume I will. I’m slowly running out of storage space included in free WordPress package so why not give this a try though. ;D
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