Exotic Animal Expo – Weekend In The City

This is probably one of my favourite posts to publish on this blog, ever. I briefly mentioned an event I went to last Sunday in yesterday’s post. Here’s what I did that day! If you live in a city and often get bored on days off, this can hopefully give you some ideas – you may be able to find animal expos in your town too! These events often get no advertising, so you might have to make a conscious decision to learn about them. But when you do, there’s plenty to choose from! Even in my not-so-big city there are cat, dog, reptile expos every few weeks. An amazing way to spend a few hours on a weekend day!

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Sharing is caring! Paying it forward.

Around Christmas, I saw a lot of bloggers write posts under the lovely theme ‘sharing is caring’. Thanks to that initiative, I discovered some amazing blogs through blogs I’d already been following and I myself had visitors who came to my blog because someone else had shared my post on their site.

I would like to join in and, as the title of one of my favourite films says, pay it forward.

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