Sharing is caring! Paying it forward.

Sharing is caring! Paying it forward.

Around Christmas, I saw a lot of bloggers write posts under the lovely theme ‘sharing is caring’. Thanks to that initiative, I discovered some amazing blogs through blogs I’d already been following and I myself had visitors who came to my blog because someone else had shared my post on their site.

I would like to join in and, as the title of one of my favourite films says, pay it forward.

Here are some blog posts I enjoyed reading

THE WORLD’S WORST VEGGIE! – hilarious short poems

Historical Christmas – about the evolution of Christmas

A recipe for healthy bark – a healthy snack that sounds absolutely delicious!

A recipe for Vindaloo, cause don’t we all love Indian cuisine?

20 Canadian Christmas traditions

Breathtaking landscapes and… donkeys?

Christmas is over, only 364 days until Christmas!

From a former Starbucks barista

5 amazing cat facts

A reminder that life’s short and we should pursue our heart’s desires

Bonus: YouTube channels worth visiting

Additionally, I’d like to share with you a few not-so-small but also not-that-greatly-popular, interesting, unique, wholesome YouTube channels – in case you still have some spare time after reading the posts above. These 5 channels would be among my favourites things to watch in 2018!

English Heritage – a truly wholesome cooking show set in victorian England. If you’re interested in learning how to cook dishes that aristocrats – and their servants – actually ate in the 19th century, check this channel out.

Julia M Usher – video tutorials and tips&tricks for everyone interested in taking their cookie baking to the next level. Includes some unbelievable edible 3D models, all made out of cookies.

Leopard Gecko – a girl and her reptile friends. I developed a great love for reptiles, especially lizards, about a year ago. This channel allowed me to enjoy the sight of cute geckos and learn interesting facts about their behaviour!

Serpa Design – miniature forests and gardens enclosed in jars. An amazing craft idea – one I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Any crafty souls out there? Warning, you might get inspired!

Royalty Soaps – who would have thought that soapmaking can be this fascinating? Especially when it’s artisan soap and every piece looks like something your eyes would like you to eat!

9 thoughts on “Sharing is caring! Paying it forward.

  1. Thank you for linking my post and yes, I have been trying out the recipes from your blog, and still stuck at Christstollen (cake), I need to learn a lot. Expecting a recipe book from your side soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have you tried to bake it? I’ve just eaten the last slice of the one I baked on Christmas Eve! 😀
      Oh I wish, maybe one day! I’m currently preparing an ebook with all my Christmas recipes, both already published and those scheduled for next year, so I guess that will be a good start!


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