Zoo Trip – Chorzów, Poland

Zoo Trip – Chorzów, Poland

I started writing this post in August last year and never finished it. September brought a lot of changes to my previously calm and boring life and I needed to focus on making it all successful. It’s a shame I didn’t get to post this when I originally planned to, but I do believe these photos are worth publishing, even with a massive delay. Here it is, a travel in time back to August 2019! (Everything below was written half a year ago)

I have recently had two weeks off, and due to all the things going on in my life (moving countries on your own can be overwhelming, and it requires a lot of planning!) I wasn’t able to go on holiday away from home. However, I didn’t want to spend those two weeks entirely stuck at home, so I decided to make a few smaller day trips here, in my region. You’ve already seen my trip to indoor tropical gardens; today, I’d like to take you to my local zoo!

Very tall, luscious palm trees indoors in Gliwice
Indoor gardens – palm house – Gliwice

The zoo was opened in 1954, so it’s one with a fairly long history. However, in recent years it’s been undergoing renovation, and it’s great to see all the improved enclosures. There’s still a lot of work to be done (and as always in this world, the factor slowing improvements down are insufficient funds), but I can see a lot of changes compared to what I remember from when I was a child.

The zoo is different from other zoos I’ve had a chance to visit in the area it covers – it’s absolutely huge. There’s a lot of walking to do if you want to see all the animals. It may be a problem for some, but for me personally, it’s a great feature.

Here are some photos from my trip!

A decorative, huge marble gate and a black and gold fence

A small doe in a zoo in Chorzow

A big enclosure with a bearded dragon, a heat lamp and a mini pond

A ginger baby llama with white eyebrows, looking angry

A crocodile in an enclosure with a pond

A giraffe in its green enclosure and blue sky in the background

A profile of a green iguana in a zoo

A green iguana on tropical bedding

An elephant in its enclosure and green trees in the background

Two rhinos in a zoo

A free roaming male peacock standing on a fence

A valley of dinosaur statues in Chorzow zoo

Me inside a hollow dinosaur head pretending I'm being eaten

A huge bison in Chorzow zoo

Some of my favourite areas in all zoos are ‘mini zoos’ or ‘pet zoos’ – the part of the zoo that has domesticated animals such as rabbits, goats or sheep. 100 bonus points if you can enter the enclosures and play with the animals! My zoo used to allow that, but this time I could only pet the animals through the fence. It may be because I was there early in the morning – perhaps they let the goats out a bit later during the day?

Here are two photos from my last year’s trip to a different zoo, in Ostrava (CZ). They have a paradise on Earth, also known as a giant enclosure full of playful goats. In all honesty, my ID may claim I’m 27 (oh God, it hurts to say it out loud), but when I’m close to a mini zoo, you’d probably think I’m about 5. 😆 Who wants to be an adult when you can pet and hug goats or rabbits instead!

Inside the goat enclosure in a mini zoo in Ostrava

Posing with a small, black goat in a pet zoo in Ostrava

Kew Gardens - tall palm trees
Kew Gardens in the rain
Lighthouse in Margate
Afternoon in Margate

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