9 Interesting Novelty Kitchen Gadgets

9 Interesting Novelty Kitchen Gadgets

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know how I love food – especially making it. I think it will come as no surprise when I say that kitchen is my favourite room in the house and kitchen gadgets and equipment are among my favourite things to buy (it takes a lot of willpower to refrain from splurging money on every new kitchen item I see). I’ve recently had a long session of scrolling the Internet in search for the most bizarre kitchen gadgets I might be missing in my house, and I came across a great deal of novelty items. Some of them useful, practical and inexpensive, others – just eyecatching and perhaps slightly overpriced. They all caught my attention though, so I thought I’d share them with you – maybe there’s something you didn’t know about until this day that you’ll decide you desperately need in your kitchen?

Spaghetti monster colander

Useful kitchen tools - spaghetti monster

Do you know that feeling when you see something absolutely ridiculous and yet decide that your life’s not complete without it? Yes, that’s exactly what I felt when I saw this cutie. I already have a colander that does its job perfectly fine (and frankly, I don’t even use it all that often) but replacing it with this spaghetti monster is… highly tempting, to say the least.

Silicone pot mouth

Useful kitchen tools - silicone pot mouth

Let’s alternate between fanciness and practicality, shall we? This may not be the most essential addition to your kitchen, but I found it interesting nonetheless (I’d never seen it before). Although most of us should be able to pour a soup from a pot to a bowl without this gadget, I appreciate the simplicity in this item and I can see it being useful to those with disabilities.

Herb keeper

Useful kitchen tools - herb keeper

This seems like such a brilliant idea! I’ve tried growing my own herbs (namely basil and peppermint), with not much success. Sooner or later, they always went dry and eventually died. I don’t know if I should blame the climate or just my lack of plant-keeping skills (I have to confess, the only plant I managed to keep alive for more than a year is my cactus) – but no matter how hard I tried, I always had to start over every few months. A while ago, I gave up completely. Partly because of the lack of sustainable success, and partly because having a whole pot of one herb (in the rare days of prolificness) was more than I was able to use up.

I do still like to use fresh herbs every now and then, but I just buy them in little pots in supermarkets. However, I don’t know why (or is it because I’m that bad as a gardener?), but they always seem to wilt within 2 days from buying them. Which is sooo frustrating! So when I saw this simple little gadget, I almost jumped with excitement! Provided that it works like advertised, it would be a great – and useful – addition to my kitchen. Such a simple design, but so brilliant at the same time!

Sponge bed

Useful kitchen tools - sponge bed

From useful and ingenious to funny looking and massively overpriced. Unless you love your kitchen gadgets enough to justify buying your sponge a bed, of course. Although, I can imagine this could be great to have if you don’t own a dishwasher but have children instead. I believe there’s a chance that they’d help you with the dishes much more willingly if the sponge resembled a fancy toy. Any volunteers to prove or bust this theory…?

Fries/chips cutter

Useful kitchen tools - fried cutter

Chips! Or fries, if you’re on the other side of the ocean. Is there anyone who doesn’t like them? Now this gadget can easily be replaced with a simple knife, sure. But to me, cutting through potatoes is actually among one of the few kitchen activities I don’t like. Especially sweet potatoes which I always struggle with, immensely! If this gadget is sharp enough to cut through those (is it though?), it would be a total game changer!

Nessie colander, ladle, tea infuser

Useful kitchen tools - nessie family

First of all – my goodness, aren’t they adorable? This set (containing a colander, a ladle and a tea infuser), just like the spaghetti monster, tingles that soft spot in my heart which wants me to get it regardless of the price. I’m trying to refrain from doing that, but I think both the colander and this Nessie set would make amazing housewarming gifts… I should discreetly tell my family about them!

Portable hanging drain bag

Useful kitchen tools - drain bag

We’ve seen the sponge bed, here’s a more practical (and less pricey) version of it. This may not be the most complex and unique thing you’ve ever seen, but beauty often lies in simplicity, doesn’t it? I’m certainly getting this one for myself. Sponges, scrubs and cloths – beware! This is the end of your free roaming around the sink!

8 in 1 toolset in a bottle

Useful kitchen tools - 8 in 1

This is one of the most practical items on this list. Not as fancy-looking as the spaghetti monster colander or the adorable Nessie family, but that’s why you get 8 tools for a low price. It includes a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator and measuring cup – quite a decent set of kitchen tools indeed! If you’re looking to jump-start your kitchen gadget collection, this seems like a good first step. Plus, it doesn’t take much space at all!

Egg separator

Useful kitchen tools - egg separator

Last – but not least – we have this little cutie. Please, tell me I’m not the only one who’d buy kitchen gadgets based on how cute they look and not just judging whether or not they’re useful and practical. Yes, we can find simple egg separators for a fraction of this chick’s price – but who said life (or kitchen) has to be 100% practical? Is it bad to spoil yourself sometimes with homeware that brings colours and joy? Or am I losing my mind seeing joy in… egg separators? ^^’

Any fellow kitchenware addicts here? What do you think about these items? Have you ever seen other strange/ridiculous/silly kitchen gadgets that would fit in this list? If so – let me know!

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