A loaf of seed and nuts fit cake

Seeds and Nuts Healthy Snack Bars

Extremely sweet although with no sugar and hardly any sweeteners. Extremely tasty, and just as easy to make! Why spend money on store-bought cereal&nuts bars with poor ingredient lists when you can make a whole tin of them at home with close to no effort? Prep time is 10 minutes, including weighing the ingredients and chopping those that need to be chopped. 😉

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Small date balls covered with coconut, on a plate

Healthy Snacks – Date Energy Balls [Fit]

A while ago, I went through a phase of fascination with healthy snacks – both home-made and store-bought. One of the ready-made snacks that I discovered were date balls covered with crushed nuts. Literally,  just dates and nuts – the ingredient list had 4 items (dates and 3 types of nuts 🙂 ). So I thought, why not try and make them at home? I then discovered that date balls were actually a thing and a trend (yep, I know I’m not the first one to make them). I’ve seen loads of recipes and – by trial and error – combined them into one that works best for me.

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