Indoor Gardens – Palm House – Palmiarnia, Gliwice, Poland

Indoor Gardens – Palm House – Palmiarnia, Gliwice, Poland

Even though it’s summer and most days are warm to even hot, I never have enough of high, almost tropical temperatures. The forecast for Wednesday last week was relatively poor (only around 20Β°C, with possible showers?!), so because summer decided not to come to me that day, I thought I’d go and chase it myself. In the city where I used to study (just a 25-minute train ride from my town), there are indoor tropical gardens – or, as we call it, a palm house (palm trees don’t normally grow here in this climate). I believe it’s a similar place to more popular Kew Gardens in London, though I’m yet to visit those, so I can only guess.

The gardens are split into a few smaller areas, based on the type of plants they host, with varying temperatures and humidity – though I’d say all of them would be called tropical by most visitors. πŸ™‚

The outside of the palm house in Gliwice

Palm trees growing indoors

The high ceiling allows tall trees – such as palm trees and banana trees – to grow completely indoors, unaffected by cold, snowy weather outside in winter. Each room has a staircase to a bridge in the canopy, so you can see those tall trees up close.

Very tall, luscious palm trees indoors in Gliwice

Green tropical trees indoors in the palm house

Bananas growing on a tree in a palm house in Gliwice

A selfie with a palm tree in the background

On top of the trees, the gardens also feature a variety of colourful flowers, smaller green plants, and succulents.

A big, pink flower on a succulent plant

Big house plants in the indoor gardens

Tangerine tree - palm house - Gliwice

Fluffy pink tassels growing on a tree in a palm house

Multiple tall cacti and big round cacti

Small succulents in clay pots

In addition, there are also some exotic animals on display – parrots, stick insects, turtles, lizards, snakes and even a squirrel (some exotic squirrel, not a species inhabiting our parks). There is also one room with four ginormous fish tanks.

A ginger and grey squirrel with a very long, thin tail

Red, black and white milk snakes in a glass terrarium

A brown spotted flatfish in an aquarium

The squirrel was so adorable! A fairly large part of one room was turned into its enclosure and filled with branches and ropes – the little guy made use of all of them and kept jumping around.

If you’d like to visit a jungle without having to leave your room, here’s a short video I shot in the gardens. Warning: one particularly adorable squirrel with apparent ADHD got a lot of screen time. πŸ™‚

If you’re ever around, do consider visiting the Palm House in Gliwice, Poland. It’s open Tuesday to Sunday, and an adult ticket is only around Β£2.

Lion statues by the entrance to the palm house in Gliwice

The outside of the palm house in Gliwice

A giraffe in its green enclosure and blue sky in the background
Zoo trip – Chorzow
Kew Gardens - tall palm trees
Kew Gardens in the rain
Lighthouse in Margate
Afternoon in Margate

16 thoughts on “Indoor Gardens – Palm House – Palmiarnia, Gliwice, Poland

  1. This is an amazing place, want to visit it! Lovely architecture outside, the tropics indoor are beautiful. Even some California Barrel Cacti. The squirrel is amazing and very graceful as he winds and jumps through his enclosure. I love your photo, so beautiful! 😍❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 The squirrel won the day, but I was kinda glad when it decided to go to sleep – I would have spent the entire day admiring its graceful jumps otherwise πŸ˜†


  2. This is really lovely, yes very similar to Kew Gardens. I often go there and in Winter I love the Palm /cacti house and the Waterlily house very much as they are warm. Kew has no animals though only 3 resident lizards in the house with the cacti. It is always rewarding to go there. Lovely pictures Alphe, thank you for taking us there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait to see Kew Gardens, but I’ll probably leave it for winter, when it’s miserable outside. Places like these can give you such an endorphin boost during on cold days!

      Liked by 1 person

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