DIY Valentine Gift Tags

DIY Valentine Gift Tags

Another post in Valentine’s Day spirit? Why not! Today, I’m bringing you 3 simple ideas for DIY gift tags to use with your Valentine gifts. And for once, they’re not all done with quilling! Surprising, I know!

7 DIY handmade quilled Christmas gift tags
Quilled Christmas Gift Tags

Instead of only using my beloved quilling technique, this time I went for more variety. I made one quilled tag (sorry, I had to!), I painted one with watercolours, and I attached some cut out hearts to the last one creating adding some 3D effect.


DIY Valentine gift tag - watercolour pink and red hearts

Completed three watercolour bookmarks
Watercolour bookmarks

DIY Valentine gift tags - quilling red and pink hearts

Cut out hearts

3 DIY Valentine gift tags - attached paper hearts

As always, I believe that adding handmade little details to gifts makes them a lot more special. Plus, papercrafts are relaxing, aren’t they? πŸ™‚

3 heart DIY Valentine gift tags

Two handmade floral gift tags and mini paper flowers
Quilled Gift Tags

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