Honey glazed carrots with rosemary on a white plate

Honey Glazed Carrots With Orange (Or Tangerines)

From a very early age, we’re taught that we should make our plates colourful by adding vegetables to our dinner. These vegetable sides don’t have to be boring! This time, I’m coming with a recipe for honey glazed carrots, seasoned with freshly squeezed orange juice, rosemary and thyme. They’re soft and delicate and make a perfect side for chicken dishes (but not only those!).

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Chickpea, tomato and bell pepper curry served with quinoa, garnished with rice

Chickpea Tomato And Bell Peppers Curry

I’m a great fan of curry dishes of all kinds, for two reasons. First of all, their spiciness is so perfectly warming – ideal for someone like me, who believes that every weather below 30°C is basically ice age (no, I don’t live in Sahara Desert, I live in a climate where 30°C is a rather rare occurrence). Secondly, vegetable curry stews are extremely practical – there’s not much preparation needed, some of the ingredients come in cans… you just throw everything in the pot, let it cook for a quarter or two – and that’s it, dinner for 2 days done and dusted.

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Green peas millet patties on a plate, with broccoli, sourdough bread and garlic sauce

Green Peas, Chickpeas And Millet Groats Patties

Hmm… when was the last time I posted a savoury recipe? It’s been a while! December was filled with an abundance of chocolate and icing, so I believe it’s time for something different. Here they are – delicious, healthy patties with green peas, chickpeas and millet groats. Soft, fresh and delicate… And super simple to make!

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A close up on baked sweet potato crisps in a bowl

Sweet Potato Oven Baked Crisps

We’re now 3 days into 2019. I’m sure a lot of you have started the year with long lists of resolutions. And I’m sure some of those resolutions were to get back on track with healthy eating and repair the damage done by overeating during Christmas season. If you happen to be looking for a healthy snack, an alternative to store-bought potato crisps, then making vegetable crisps at home can be a great idea. They’re much, much healthier, super easy to make, and you can use many different vegetables instead of regular, boring potatoes. Here’s a recipe for home-made, healthy, oven-baked sweet potato crisps. So, so delicious and crispy! A great idea for a party snack too – just increase the ingredients accordingly.

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Cooked shakshuka in a pan and a loaf of sourdough bread

Shakshuka – Breakfast Alternative for Scrambled Eggs

I’ve come across this recipe a few times within just a few days and it only felt right to give it a go. It’s a Middle-Eastern dish, a perfect alternative for breakfast scrambled eggs. It’s super simple to make and if you like strongly seasoned, warming recipes – this one’s just for you. Especially for those cold winter days, when it’s so hard to make yourself leave the comfort of your warm and cosy bed.

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Red lentil vegetarian pate and vegetables on a plate

Red Lentil Vegetarian Pate

So the other day I bought a huge bag of red lentils and… it turned out that through using small amounts of them in salads I will never be able to finish the bag ^^’ I needed to find something else that I’d be able to use them for and I did! And now I have a feeling I’ll be buying more of those 1 kilo bags because this pate is just perfect! The texture is really soft, so you can easily spread it on a slice of bread, but it also holds together really nicely and you can eat it alone. I will definitely be experimenting with extra ingredients and spices, but this basic version is delicious as it is (the fact that I ate half of the tin in one day should speak for itself… oops). Also, yet another time curry spices prove to be just the best, for everything! The pate gets its beautiful bright yellow colour and warming taste from the curry, so if you choose to experiment with spices, I’d recommend keeping curry on the list. 🙂

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