Reminiscing summer

Reminiscing summer

Saying that I’m not a great fan of winter would be a huge understatement – I need to wear a jumper in over 20 C (I’m always cold), so when the temperature drops to around 0 C I just wish I could bury myself in my bed and hibernate until April-May. I shouldn’t complain about it too much now though, this winter has been exceptionally merciful in terms of temperatures so far. But besides the cold, the thing I dislike the most about winter is the lack of daylight. I get up early – my alarm goes off at 5:30 Monday to Friday – so I can watch the sunrise from the window in my office at work, and by the time I get home in the afternoon it’s already getting dark again. It puts me in that sad, tired mood, and despite having the same daily schedule in December and July I can’t help the feeling that in winter I get by far less quality time for myself.

Anyway, it’s past winter solstice now, and days are becoming longer and longer, which I’m extremely happy about. After booking an apartment for my family holiday (we’re going to Croatia in June – can’t wait for that!) I started reminiscing summer times. Looking at my old photos from holidays gave me that ticklish, warm feeling inside and I almost forgot that it’s January. Ah… feels great!

Around 4 months until spring, a bit less than 6 until my holidays. Let the countdowns begin! πŸ˜€

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