Why my bag weighs a ton – what’s in my bag – essentials

Why my bag weighs a ton – what’s in my bag – essentials

‘The hell are you carrying in there? Bricks?!’

If I got a pound every time I heard that I’d be a millionaire now. I only have bare necessities in my bag though! A lot of them… sure… but I do need them all.

1. Hand sanitizer. Cause there’s nothing worse than accidentally touching something sticky and being unable to wash your hands.

2. Adhesive band-aid. Cause you never know when you’re gonna need it.

3. Tangle teezer. Cause one can’t live without a hair brush with hair as long as mine.

4. Chapstick. Cause leaving home without my trusty Carmex is like leaving home without an arm or a leg.

5. Handcream. Might not seem like a necessity but it’s genuinely my most used thing from this list.

6. Little nail file. Cause a broken nail with sharp edges is one of the most annoying things in the whole wide world.

7. Chewing gum. Cause if you happen to eat something you wanna refresh your mouth afterwards.

8. Umbrella. Cause if you leave it at home you’re guaranteed to be caught by heavy rainstorm. Even if it doesn’t usually rain, just leave the umbrella at home and it will.

9. A piece of paper and a biro. Cause… Hm. I guess it might be useful sometimes, right? I’m not a fan of writing things down on the phone.

10. Clear nail polish, especially if I’m wearing tights. Cause you wanna prevent that run from spreading.

11. A pack of pocket tissues. No need to justify this, I believe.

12. A tiny bottle of refreshing perfume. Cause I wan’t to feel (and smell) fresh, especially in summertime.

13. Painkillers. Cause you don’t want an unexpected headache to ruin your day.

14. Earbuds. Cause I need my music to go with me everywhere.

(15. Powerbank, in case I plan on being outdoors all day)

Phone, wallet, documents, keys… all the regular essentials everyone usually carries around.

It all makes sense, right?

Is there anything I’m missing that would make my life easier (and my bag even heavier)?

Although I have a lot of stuff in my bag I believe I have it all under control. I was a lot more unorganized in the past though. When I once lost a remote control from my tv I found it after a week… in my bag, of course. ^^’


17 thoughts on “Why my bag weighs a ton – what’s in my bag – essentials

  1. I usually keep not one but TWO cameras in my bag, each kept in their own, smaller bag. Bags inside of bags inside of bags. I can feel my shoulder deteriorating

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    1. Bagception? πŸ˜€ Oh yes, the shoulder… I did 5 years of uni, commuting every single day (which involved a 30-40 min walk twice a day). And every day, on top of regular items, I carried a full size heavy laptop and its charger in my bag… I’m surprised my shoulders still seem to be on the same level after those 5 years

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  2. Love it! I’ve been thinking about doing one of these posts, and I have even more crap in mine! Probably why my back hurts all the time LOL

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    1. Hahaha I know that pain! πŸ˜€ After 5 years of commuting to uni (including a looong walk) with my regular bag contents AND a heavy laptop with its charger I’m honestly surprised that my shoulder didn’t fall off…
      Do write that post if you feel like it, I’d love to see what treasures I should add to my stash!

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  3. Thing is I carry loads of stuff around with me too and the minute I decide I need to lighten my load and remove something, oooops THAT’s when I need it!


    1. That’s totally understandable ^^
      Also, even though it looks like we carry around a bunch of trash, it actually all makes sense and is absolutely necessary, isn’t it? ;D

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  4. I relate to this SO hard. People make fun of me all the time, but the second they need something I’m like… I got it right here for ya. Not sure if you do this, but I have all the small essentials (basically everything you listed except the umbrella and phone) in a 7×5 inch clutch which makes it so simple to switch bags without forgetting anything, and makes your bag feel WAY less cluttered. The only thing I have in my bag that you didn’t list is a tide-to-go pen! Or maybe you spill on yourself less than I do.


  5. This post made me smile. I don’t have a handbag per se but I do always carry a rucksack (from small to planet sized) and end up duplicating all those essentials. I’m in the throws of writing about what is in mine and what I didn’t even know was in there. Thank you for bringing sunshine into my day. What do I think is missing from yours? Oh erm…emergency food rations and depending on the time of year, bug repellent/cream.

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